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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Half-boiled Eggs


Half-boiled Eggs, or known as Soft-boiled Eggs in States. :P

My fav. food for breakfast or whenever I felt like having something light.

Have been craving for these for awhile – sneaked out and get last night. Yummy. :D

How to make?

1) Boil water

2) Throw in 2 eggs and wait for 5 minutes

3) Take it out and ready to serve

4) Add in soya sauce and pepper (optional), and enjoy!


Jenny Pong said...

yummy.... I am craving to eat half-boiled eggs too.... =O

Wendy Sue said...

5 mins may make a 3/4 boiled if the eggs are smaller in size though..... also, the temperature of the eggs will also affect the time needed e.g. whether it's at room temperature or taken straight out from the fridge. :)