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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Close-Ups

I hesitated, but since the tutorial is on sale now, sooner or later the clear image of the weave will be posted somewhere (don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind it at all).

I have been posting pictures of this design at it’s various angles, by avoiding to reveal too much of the weave itself, because I wasn’t comfortable with somebody refreshing on the same page to see the weave (when I first posted it on the New Year Eve) too often too many times, knowing that person’s motives are suspect.
But here are the close-up view for this new weave.
Dear friends and readers, I am posting these clear, zoomed, magnified pictures because, I do want you - whomever that have bought the tutorial to know how this knotting should be done – it should be neat, firm, and it’s details should not be compromised. I find that it is more important for me to deliver this message than trying too hard to hide this beautiful weave for whatever reason.

Also, Bobbi wrote a very nice article this morning - “Something old, Something New – Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due”. I think everyone should read it, I am recommending this article to you is not because the article was mainly talking about me, the most essential part of this blog entry is the spirit in it - that which myself and Ms. P cherish the most of Ms. Bobbi. Though Ms. Bobbi has my deepest condolences for her loss (of her idol).


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