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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Love is in the air

I totally didn’t expect THIS. It’s quite an embarrassment to see the picture on Bobbi’s blog!!! It was supposed to be “private” wei!!! Anyway reading such a blog first thing in my Saturday morning just so made my day! Thank you Bobbi!!!


I took this photo whilst I was in office, dealing with a difficult situation and my heart beating real fast when Bobbi told me that Spike is going to fight for some nasty weather on his way to Florida. So when she finally sent me a mail saying that Spike is finally HOME, i took that picture and sent to them.

Corra photo

*Blush* (Bobbi I didn’t expect you to publish this! LOL!!)

She didn’t reply – must be busy helping Spike to settles in!


Then later of the same day, I’ve got another mail from Deb.G, she was telling me that she tried out the CUBIC Earrings and she is proud of her (I am too, proud of you!!!). It really put a smile on my face, so I sent her the same photo I’ve sent to Bobbi. Here’s her return of favor (please be gentle, we had good laugh at it alright?)

IMG00011LOL…. (Deb, I posted it anyway!!!)

Love you all!!!




heartdancr said...

LOL! That's the best picture I've taken in years! LOL! Funny it doesn't look my driver's license...hehehe!

BobbiWired said...

Spike and I loved the photo! I posted it, cause I thought it was really cute! Other than be home after all the bad weather, and arguing with the trailer, it was a very fitting sentiment for him arriving safe and sound.
Big smooches back (afraid I don't have a pic of mine though *grin*)

ShonaMac said...

great pics, love them