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Sunday, January 18, 2009

I did it again!

Awww please look at this…

Photo source:

Ryan is preparing for Valentine’s already!!!

I just bought another thing from Ryan (I knowwwwww!!! I SHOULDN’T HAVE!!! BUT I just did it again!!! I bought THIS last night before I called it a day:

Quote from her: “You can find them under my Supply Section. Those of you blog readers who love gorgeous papers if you decide you'd like some of my prettiest scraps, type "blog" under message to seller when you check out and I'll send a few extra sheets (just because I can). [OK, I am such a cheapskate - I went ahead and write to her, repeated the word “blog” several times in the convo… *blush*]

HOW TO RESIST?! $14 only for:

- 12 (yes 12) 5x5 sheets of paper from her own private stash as well as one good handful of tinier pieces, the ends from her cuttings and such.

- Her very well known ORIGINAL SCRABBLE TILES PENDANT TUTORIAL (without the free collage sheet)

- and you get to talk to her (hehehe)


I’ve got the tutorial almost right away, very, very nicely written, with very detailed instructional photos, FAQ pages, troubleshooting tips and online source for all the materials (this definitely is SOMETHING to me because, Malaysia don’t have those materials!)

Now I’ll sit back and wait for my papers to arrive – and that would be Ryan’s selections FOR ME! *WeeeeeEEEeee!!!*

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