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Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend’s Random

So we revisited the newly discovered place that we went last weekend.

Note: All pictures captured using Kev’s Canon G10 camera. I think I am lovin’ it!


This is Liu-Sha-Pao, SUPER DELICIOUS!!!

And then we went down town for more food……

ABC (Air Batu Campur),ABC,and Chendul (I am not sure of it’s actual spelling!)

I think we saw somebody…

Zoom in… zoom in… ah.. that’s Johnathen L – those who’d purchased my tutorial should be familiar with his name, he proof read most of my tutorials. :)

And here some nice pictures I’ve brought for you, the Kuala Lumpur City. (Thanks to Kev’s Canon G10, I think I am loving this camera more than my own DSLR camera! It is so handy!!!)

Hope you had fun viewing!


Gaby said...

Nice food pictures (I want that food now!!)
I liked the b/w bike ones as well!

But the last 2 were quite disturbing. I can't stand seeing animals suffering that way.
I feel hopeless about humans, they are just so selfish and destroy/hurt whatever they can which is on their way...

Thanks for sharing!

Corra said...

Gaby, removed to avoid introducing discomfort. :)

Aethereal Minx said...

you made me hungry!
Love the photo of the doorway with the peeling paint.

Lou's addictions said...

Corra, I just had to say that I love the friendship bangle tutorial. I'm not at an advanced level in any way with wire wrapping so this technique puts me to the test. I had a play tonight and will definately need to work on tightening the knots a bit more but it is fun trying. Thanks for another great tutorial.