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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Ang Paos Winners and etc



Yes, I should have revealed the winner list for the give-away Ang Pao contest earlier, I really am sorry for keep you waiting for so long but I was REALLY busy after such long break! And hey, instead of selecting winners, I decided that everyone who have left a message for this post are eligible to take home with USD$5 worth of credit balance from me, looking at the list, we have 29 winners, so the USD$50 from me were for the Ang Pao, and the remaining are my gift to you as Valentine’s day present (though I am not sure if you would prefer having flowers instead LOL).

So here' s the Winner List (and dear readers if you know anyone of them please pass the message around for me incase they didn’t realize this!):

  1. Lau Addiction (CLAIMED)
  2. Poranna (CLAIMED)
  3. Gaby Santiago (CLAIMED)
  4. Melissa in NJ (CLAIMED)
  5. Jenny Pong (CLAIMED)
  6. Perri (Perri I don’t care I will come to you and force you to have my tutorial, good thing is you get to choose which! :P ) (CLAIMED)
  7. Wendy Sue
  8. Susyny2
  10. ShonaMac (CLAIMED)
  11. ktdid1
  12. Ingrid (CLAIMED)
  13. ami (CLAIMED)
  14. Sitha
  15. SueS
  16. Mei (WireBlissMei)
  17. BobbiWired (Bobbi you will be getting my next tutorial for FREE I don’t care!)
  18. Muddy
  19. Barbara
  20. heartdancr
  21. colorsmiths
  22. Nancy (Nancy you too will be the first to receive my next tutorial for FREE!)
  23. preciously_p
  24. Judy Whitfield
  25. A Fly On The Wall (I like your nick Robyn, LOL!) (CLAIMED)
  26. B3Boutique (CLAIMED)
  27. L
  28. Beaded Zen
  29. Michelle

Terms and condition:

  • The USD$5 must be redeemed for TUTORIAL(S) ONLY at de Cor’s @ Artfire (I urge you to start visiting my ArtFire store because I ALREADY AM A VERIFIED USERS THERE! YAY!!!), towards the purchase of tutorial listed in de Cor’s Handmades online catalogue sold by de Cor’s Handmades. They cannot be redeemed at,,, or any of authorized dealer sites.
  • Alternatively just send me an E-mail to tell me which tutorial you would like to have.
  • The USD$5 cannot be used to pay for de Cor’s Handmades Gift Certificates.
  • The USD$5 has no cash redemption value and is not transferable or assignable.
  • Any unused balance will be placed in the recipient’s gift certificate account.
  • If the order exceeds USD$5, the balance must be paid by paypal.
  • USD$5 and unused portions of USD$5 expire one year from the date of issue, where permissible under applicable law.
  • Normal de Cor’s Handmades terms and conditions of purchase and for using the de Cor’s Handmades website apply.

    Additional Information:

    For those who already have ALL of my tutorials, please do me a favor by sending me an E-mail, too, I will put you into my spreadsheet so that you will be receiving my next new tutorial for FREE (regardless of it’s price).

    Last but not least, I am still in the midst of listing products in ArtFire so you might not see all items I have, but I do hope you would get your desired tutorial through there if possible. Just proceed with the purchase and make payment – I will refund you the balance minus off the USD$5 later. For the item you wish to have but didn’t see it there in ArtFire, kindly E-mail me so that I could quickly make it available for you.

    Once again I thank you very much for stopping by, and thank you for your support and I wish you have a peaceful Valentine’s Day this Saturday (and believe it or not I had never celebrated Valentine’s day, ever. :P)

    I hope you like this offer. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!




    Melissa in NJ said...

    You are just such a sweetie! I will be sending you an email. I feel so honored to be a winner. :)

    Melissa :)

    Perri said...

    OK, FINE! I guess I just HAVE to take a gift.....sheesh! You silly! Thanks for being so generous and sweet, Corra! I'm off to check out Artfire!

    SueS said...

    How very nice of you. Happy Valentine's Day to you.

    Unknown said...

    WOOHOO!! Thanks so much!! This is so generous of you. :) I'll send you an email in a bit.


    Sitha said...

    Thank you Corra. Will check ArtFire soon.

    Rgds, Sitha

    Susyny2 said...

    Corra you are such a sweet and generous person.. thank you for the chance to own another one of your great tutorials. Happy Valentine's Day!!

    MS said...

    Yupi! What a pleasant surprise! Thank you :o)

    Nancy said...

    Aw, that's so sweet of you. I'll be looking forward to your next tutorial.

    Jenny Pong said...


    Gaby said...

    Thank you Corra! I know which tut I'm going to buy....
    I haven't been able to post anything, I was promoted at work!! I am a Language Assessment Coordinator now and I have to be at work from day to night =( I try to sneak and check your blog and so I'm checking it now, LOL
    You are very generous, thank you again and wow, that pic of you is very cute!!! I think you look way too young!!! ^_^

    ThisThisAndThat said...

    Thank you Cora...
    Happy Valentine's Day to you...

    AFlyOnTheWall said...

    Thanks so much for this Cora - I will have to look once I get home from Tucson - but those Passiflora Studs are stunning! I may have to have that tutorial!

    Robyn Hawk
    Tucson Gem Show - Live!

    Lou's addictions said...

    wow, thank you Corra. I will be in touch soon, this is such a generous offer.

    Judy Whitfield said...

    What a wonderful surprise! You are so sweet to share your talent with all of us! Big Valentine hearts to you. I will be in touch soon.
    Thanks again,
    Judy Whitfield

    Wilma said...

    You are so generous in giving all the winners a free gift. I love your tuts! Even tho I didn't see my name on the list of winners, I just want to say congratulations to all that one. Now I am off to Artfire to see about getting a tut from you.
    Thank you and keep the tuts coming!