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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back in action!!!

Hello, I am finally back from the South!!! I had so much fun in Singapore, great, great weather (I always thought SG is warmer than KL!), had too many good food, bought too many pretty stuff and most importantly, had too many good coffee!! OMG they have good coffee!!

Jones the Grocer


IMG_0725 I love Jones the Grocer though they can’t make good bacon, but their coffee were great that’s all matters.


bukonero Someone cancelled their booking at Bukonero, so we get to go in there for dinner! Just a gentle head up for your if you are dining in - Photography is strictly prohibited in there though I don’t understand why, what’s the big deal really? Shouldn’t they be honored because someone is going to do a free advertising for them? :D Anyway I took this picture using my mobile phone and then I got warned by the restaurant owner. :(

Saddle club


IMG_0390Saddle club for breaky – Someone recommended that place, the ambience and the greeneries were great, but IMHO you could skip this and save your stomach for something else – they served cold latte, watered down Americano and poor hot chocolate – big, big disappointment!


IMG_0435Valentino – very nice pasta and Risotto! Coffee not as great so you could make it a pass if you have daily coffee quota… (More pictures next time around, stay tuned! :D)

Highlander Coffee

IMG_0520 It’s a pity that I didn’t get to find out more coffee available in Singapore, but this is the greatest so far I’ve had in the SG land. :)



And I even found Wigjig Centaur (recommended by Ms. Perri) there. Apparently it’s cheaper for us Malaysian to get it from Singapore as compared to getting it shipped from the States. It’s USD$46 (shipping not included) from Wigjig’s website, I got it for SG$68 from Beads Etc. Not cheap at all, I do hope its a right decision to have bought it! :D

drivinghome2Driving home… :D

It’s such a great long break to me and I am all ready to create new stuff soon. Check back often for updates! :)

Happy weekend!


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