de Cor's Handmades - Malaysia Handmade Jewelry: Little Cross with Pearls Earrings (Dark Green)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Cross with Pearls Earrings (Dark Green)

IMG_1733 IMG_1715 IMG_1719 IMG_1720 IMG_1732

Item available at my ArtFire store.

All metals are Sterling Silver.

Dark Green Swarovski Crystal Pearls composed with Sterling Silver Wires knotted with Chinese Knot. The little details in it shouts out loud from the your ordinary treasuries collection.

Weigh 0.2gram each, 1cm tall excluding ear wires, 0.6mm at it's widest measure. Petite, with extraordinary details.


Jo Hannah said...

very pretty!

SGordon said...

I just came across your work. STUNNING!! It made me go hunt down your tutorials and I just purchased a few. You have a wonderful sense of design, delicate, simple, flowing movement, and just enough fine detail for the eye to stop and linger. Love it. Hope after I finish your tutorials I can do them justice. Ill let you know!