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Monday, March 30, 2009

Not a rant, but…


If you know who Courtney is…

I am a big fan of her line, though I’ve requested to be her contact, my request didn’t get through. But that’s alright, I can wait until she is willing to post her stuff on other sites, or when she is ready to show her pretties to the public.


Well reading what she wrote for her Flickr account reminds me of something.


My Flickr account got deleted twice in two months - the support team said I’ve violated Flickr’s rule by posting commercial items in there. I wonder. Most of my creations aren’t for sale, most of them are, however, to demonstrates how I have composed them with the techniques I’ve introduced. All of you, almost everyone of you that come by my blog had a Flickr account and you post your creations to Flickr too, and they are for sale. In your description box you write the details of your creation, you wrote how heavy your jewelry is, what’s its measurement and where and how to purchase them. Well if you are doing this, beware, you might be violating the Flickr rule and sooner or later it will get to you. My accounts were deleted without prior notification, and without specific reason – just a general line from Flickr: “you have violated Flickr rule.”, and that’s it. Luckily I wasn’t paying for it.


So this is the third time now I am registering a Flickr account again, and instead of wasting my time uploading pictures and get deleted later (oh I forgot to mentioned I actually left most of my pieces blank for it’s description box, but it’s still not helping, they deleted my account anyway), I got smart and wrote them an E-mail to ask for guidance, they are yet to get back to me as of today. I never want to violate their rules and regulation, but posting what I create is it not right? Then what about those Flickr group such as “I Made it myself”?


Anyway Kristy has a write up on this, but I don’t think it would work even though you follow all of the do’s and don’ts as Kristy mentioned. So please read the terms and regulation very carefully and find out the details for yourself. I am still waiting for Flickr support team to get back to me, will keep you posted with this matter.


And by the way, notice that I’ve resized pictures in my most recent blog entries? To those who’d wrote to me offline, I am answering your questions here. I am sorry that I have to make this decision but I am feeling increasingly discouraged by people trying to reverse engineer my knotted designs, knowing that most of my knotted designs cannot be reverse engineered unless that person is dead serious in wanting it - it might be reverse engineered, or it might led to another composition eventually (knots are amazing, don’t you agree?), for better or worse outcome. And today I’ve got an E-mail from a friend (thanks for always looking out for me), pointed me to see how the “accidental outcome” of my successful-converted weave is going to be written into a tutorial…




But hey, I am not going to be sour about this - good for you, really. And I wish you success.


Just a little quote from Courtney’s piece (I hope she doesn’t mind me quoting what she said):

“I feel it is unfortunate that I have had to take these drastic measures and post this notice, as I truly loved posting my new work to Flickr and interacting with new people from all over the world. However it has become increasingly obvious that each time I post a new piece of work, *incredibly* similar pieces are created by others shortly thereafter; I have finally been convinced that in many - if not most of these instances - this is not just a coincidence. The photos I post are not meant to be used as "tutorials" for other designers to replicate, the signature elements I use in many of my designs were created by me over the years to give my jewelry a unique look.”


Similarly, it is such an unfortunate that I have to go through this for myself. It’s such a waste since I’ve spent a fair amount of time making my blog to have wider blog post body so that I could post large images.


So now I’ve decided not to post large images for my designs anymore. I will, however, capture as many details as possible with my camera, but what you see will be what you get. Though I truly love to see how my creations have inspired people in their creations, I even encouraged my clients to visit my blog to be inspired in my E-mail whilst I send out my tutorials… I am hurt seeing other jewelry makers conveniently further research and interpret whatever knots I have successfully incorporated with wires. There are so many knots out there and not all of them can be turned into wires form, the process of finding the one that could, requires a lot of effort, and a lot of time. I try not to blame anyone over this, but IMHO one should really put more effort and BE HARDWORKING in finding their own niche, finding their own very possibilities instead of thieving my success and make it theirs.


Hug me.



Lou's addictions said...

I'm very sorry you feel you have to take this action Corra, you have been an inspiration to many wire artists out there to find their own techniques. It's such a shame that there are those out there who have to ruin it for others.

Gaby said...

Is that from the person who in the past didn't credit Perri for her work?

Damn, those people are just so mediocre. But you have your own clientele, everybody knows you're the one who is the wire knot pioneer. That's what matters... I think.