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Friday, March 13, 2009


Woke up, first thing to do for my Saturday – Shoot Shan-zi! IMG_1323IMG_1327IMG_1332IMG_1329IMG_1336IMG_1341

Un-natural light shoots:
IMG_1317 IMG_1309
Technique: FISH Tutorial
Shan-Zi (扇子), inspired by Chinese Fan (Implement).
I can’t wait to present this pair of earrings, though I’d really like to shoot them underneath the natural sunlight. I will do that few hours later. As for now, preview only. Please check back! :)
These earrings measures 2.5cm excluding earwires, and 2cm at its widest measure.
Artistic Wires, Silver 925 ear wires, Swarovski Crystal Pearls.
Happy weekend all!


Kingfisher Designs Jewelry said...

I tell you what girl - you have it all. Creativity and craftsmanship. This is an unbeatable combination. WOW


Muddy said...

These are breathtaking!

Gaby said...

really nice!!!!

Anonymous said...

These are elegant Corra! Pam

Shay Stone said...

I enjoy all of your work, but these are definitely up there on my list. They're just gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

a very unique style earring and it is easy to tell from those photos you have excellent craftsmanship - what an inspiration!