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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spotted, Erin from EarringsByErin’s on cover!


Ok time to play some “wanna-bes”. ERIN IS MY FRIEND! Alright? SHE IS MY FRIEND!!! My second Etsy friend I’ve ever had after Bobbi Maw. And look what she did now!!! SHE MADE IT TO THE COVER OF Art Jewelry July 2009!!! Unfortunately I will have to wait until cows come home if I were to attempt to buy this magazine over here in Malaysia, hmmmm somebody have to bring it to me! I will figure that out!

Well done Erin, and congratulations! And you, my dear reader, you won’t want to miss this issue. I know you miss her. :)

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She offers following tutorials:
image image image
And if you would like to get in bulk, here’s a very good deal:
Many, many hugs to you, Erin. :)


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Susanna Segerholm said...

So great to see that Erin is still in the jewelry business. Not heard anything from her in a while.
Congrats to her, she so derserves it.