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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Natural Blue Topaz in Celtic Braid

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I finally decided not to delay this project any longer, I knew I will need an oval shape cabochon for the project. But instead of a cab, I went for this pretty, pretty 21.75carat Natural Blue Topaz, and then wrapped it with Perri’s Celtic Braid Pendant technique. I was dead nervous, first of all, the stone is precious, am not sure if I will ruin it like scratching it’s surface throughout the in-making process; second, this is the first time I am executing Perri’s tutorial! I basically – spent 2 hours just study the tutorial, yes, study – without tools on hand. I always do that when i was in school, study means study, making notes is another task and I never mix them both – and I advice people that bought my tutorials to do that too. Study the tutorial as though the teacher is standing right infront of you, and you listen, and act later, first simulate the work-flow, visualize it in your mind and lastly, execute it.


The challenge I have had was – instead of a rounded cabochon bead, mine is a topaz that has a cone-shaped back, I wrote to Ms. Perri and Bobbi to tell them my concern, they both replied to assure me that everything is going to be fine! And as the matter of fact, coincidentally, Bobbi was executing this very same project with a very same size stone (15mm X 20mm), hers is an Alexandrite, not a cab neither, I highjacked one of her pendant’s picture and put it here for you to see:


The fun part of this whole thing is, we were as though sitting next to each other because of the pace of the E-mails exchanged, we thrown out ideas to each other (or as for my case, typing it out loud just so that I could see it to get the idea) whilst making our own pieces into success, though I’ve started the project midnight and called it a night after coiling the 30ga wires on 26ga… Knowing me I would have stayed up until the project is finished, but I knew it clearly that this won’t work for Perri’s design(s), like what Bobbi said, patience is a key, and as for me I thought – if you didn’t want her design enough, it won’t turn out like what it was supposed to be!


Thank you Ms. Perri for sharing such wonderful knowledge, and thanks Ms. Bobbi for sharing your experiences! I had fun making this and because I “listen” to what the teacher said in the tutorial, this pendant is made with Artistic wires. I know I am ready to break my silver wires for it now. :)


Happy weekend all! :)




BobbiWired said...

Corra this is truly stunning!! My jaw hit the floor when I saw this!!!
You did an awesome job!!! Perri is going to be so thrilled, and teary-eyed.
Can't stop staring at it!! Beautiful.....

Mei Tan said...

Beautiful Corra! I am yet to have the courage to start on mine...

Lola D said...

Once again, both you and Bobbi have produced awesome pieces!

I want to try. Don't have the right jig though UGGG

Perri said...

Corra, This is truly beautiful! If you cut it up, I'll faint!!!!! Figure out a way to work the back so that you can insert another stone!!!!!!!!!

I told you not to be scared - nothing to be afraid of, it is just wire! Our stones are much tougher than we think.

You did an absolutely gorgeous job, and it just gets easier. I'll bet you already have plans for how to do variations or other projects, yes?

Corra said...

Thanks all for the comments! Perri I already planned for the stone swap way before I made the final touch, I will not cut it off, I even have another same size bead ready, but I will work that out later - the silver + blue topaz has to be the first on my to-do-list now! :D Thanks so much for the wonderful design Ms. Perri!!!