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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bobbi’s Rosabella Pendants

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Whilst I was busy wrapping my natural blue topaz, Bobbi was busy with two projects in the row – the first one was these Rosabella Pendant, and then she moved on really quickly her Celtic Braid Alexandrite. So her Rosabella Pendant turned out to be prettier than any Rosabella pendant I have ever made – she coiled it on the core wires with fine gauge of wires first, and then go on with the execution (and I am going to try this out!), I asked her wouldn’t it be harder to execute if she coiled it (cause the wires are now tougher hence harder to bend), she said nope, instead, it makes the work easier. Got me into thinking. I think if I am not wrong, because it’s coiled and it became a little springy, it makes a perfect rounds on the petals that’s why. Oh well. This is the reason why I love receiving photos from people that attempted executing my project, cause throughout the discussion and idea sharing there’s no praise and etc involved, and us both grew and benefited out from it. :)


Just a head up: 

I received a feedback from Ms. Eni Oken (thanks Eni) and decided to change this project’s level to be "Advanced”, the ultimate excerpt from Eni is “the design is not advanced, but the execution is", and “making it an advanced project will warn people to the challenge that lies ahead“. “This is a tricky knot to learn." she said.

So here you go, it’s an Advanced level’s project now. :)

Though I would really love to see you participate in trying this design… My take is, read the instructions carefully, and be patient (DO NOT EVER RUSH whilst executing this project, it will NEVER turn out right if you do that), your pendant will be done in no time!


Cheers all, and have a great great Sunday!


Technique: Rosabella Pendant & ROSE Pendant tutorial.

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