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Monday, July 6, 2009

Ah Melbourne’s 13 Degree Celsius!

It could have been my favorite day today!!! But Kuala Lumpur’s weather is not that bad, too, for today – the midnight rain did it’s magic, it’s a pretty cooling afternoon today after all!



How have you been, my dear readers? In need to be replenished I am still on my yearly soul-searching routine, so how have I been? Well other than the annoying backaches, I have been reading, photographing and learning new stuff altogether - hence I haven’t been creating recently. It’s been a month already, yes? :D


Here’s something for ya – captured in Gold Coast. Stop and smell the roses – and feel the breeze.


If you have been coming back, and didn’t find anything new - Don’t give up on me yet!

Check back and check back often, cause I will be back soon! Until then, miss me and look after yourself!


Many many hugs to you!


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