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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dynamic Interactive Flash Photo Gallery, DCHTOOL002

Header/Title for your Flash:

Visit my gallery page to preview this flash gallery. (I am still in the midst of updating my gallery, so you could also see how items are added from time to time).

DCHTOOL002 - Dynamic Interactive Flash Photo Gallery

Background History
I have been researching ways to present my creations best all this while, and finally decided that Flash Photo Gallery appeared to be one of the best option - it is much easier to maintain a gallery with flash, simply upload new product pictures and modify and replace just one document will do it's trick. On top of that, your product pictures now became harder to be retrieved and used without authorization (abuse), and the best thing is your audience are now able to zoom and view whatever details you are willing to present.

This Dynamic Interactive Flash Photo Gallery template uses object-oriented approach that gives you the capability to display unlimited images of your creations. There is no need of code recompilation, thus you do not need to have Adobe Creative Suit installed to Add/Edit/Remove images to the gallery.

1. View photo collection at one glance.
2. Zoom In photo.
3. Zoom Out photo.
4. Display Product Name.
5. Display Product Description.
6. Display Product Published Date.
7. Hyperlink to the chosen product's webpage (Can be configured to point back to your website)

Template package includes:
1. Dynamic Interactive Flash Photo Gallery User Manual
2. Customized Flash file (with your preferred Title)
3. Editable XML file
4. Scripts to add your Flash into your Blogger blog.
5. Sample picture files

This lesson shows:
1. How to create your Google Site.
2. Customizing your Flash Photo Gallery.
3. Maintaining your Flash Photo Gallery.

1. The compiled Flash is designed, coded and compiled by Corra Liew. All rights reserved.

2. Please do not distribute, lend or copy any components of the package. The compiled flash file, editable xml file, scripts and all sample images file are strictly for authorized buyer/individual only.

3. By purchasing this package you are authorized to use this Dynamic Interactive Flash Photo Gallery to display your own collection of photographs.

4. This tutorial does not guarantee sales of your product on your blog.

5. This tutorial only covers the steps and procedures to create webpages in within your Google Site and hence you will have to have a registered Google Account to host all the necessary files. Site creation on other server host is out of this tutorial's/manual's scope.

6. The code is proven to be workable for Blogger blog. Other blogging platform(s) may or may not be supported.

7. The information, steps and procedures presented in this tutorial are and specific as of 9th July 2009. Should Google or or both changed their user interface or policies or both, the author of this tutorial/manual is not obliged for both information update nor code upgrade. Please consider prior purchase.

8. The author will not be responsible should your product image(s) being retrieved by the public with or without your prior authorization.

9. All information delivered in the tutorial is gathered and composed base on author experience with and This tutorial/manual has not been proof read nor endorsed by neither nor Please consider prior purchase.

10. Tutorial(s) sold cannot be refund nor exchanged.

Total File size: 2.5MB

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