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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Note: Photo has got nothing to do with this blog entry, just want to SMILE AT YOU! And please excuse the photographer’s shaky hands – the car was moving so it wasn’t entirely his fault!

Lovely weather – too lovely that’s weird, there’s wind blowing – no i am serious, I would be so thrilled with breeze and today we have got WIND!!!

I’m still not creating anything (yet), but I’m doing what I’ve promise. The Secret Treasury Knot tutorial – it’s in the middle being proof read and finalized now. So check back!

And as for what I will be doing after that – ALOT!
1. Guitar
2. Swimming lessons (Yes I can’t swim YET).
3. Books
4. Movies (HARRY POTTER YAY!!!!)

But I will still be around – visiting all of your blogs and JL, lurking and be happy when I see someone is missing me! :D

Many many hugs to you all, I’ve miss you!



Wendy Sue said...

Missed you too! ;)

Swimming's really good. That's proly the only exercise that I really do much of anyway. An all body workout with almost no risk of sports injury!

Corra said...

Baah Wendy, I can't say enough about it til I finally gave it a try!!! Can't wait can't wait!