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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pineapple Knot Earrings, Wired Chinese Knot

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Was doing research on Pineapple knot – the more I read the more I realize Pineapple knot is actually a variation knot that formed base on Turk’s-Head Knot. And yes you guess it right, we all think about Loren Damewood when it came to Turks’-Head Knot, and hey, we’ve exchanged several conversation last year! So again I looked-up in Google, and followed the link to Loren’s website. It’s not hard to find Loren at all (I added Loren in Facebook, you should too!) I read through his site, and visited his details page, and identified mine as 3 strains, 4 bights and 5 leads Turks’-Head Knot! (Loren’s are at least 7-9 bights? I don’t know how he made those, he sure is the master of this knot!)


So visit his website to find out more details – I am not sure if he has the exact same knot as mine, but I am sure you will be totally benefitted from that amount of knowledge-bases articles available in his website home.


Have fun!


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Unknown said...

Oh, linkies. Thank you! The earrings look wonderful, no big surprise there. *g*