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Friday, August 7, 2009

Victim of the local educational system

My favorite handbound-book artist taught her kid how to make recycle paper, I pasted the URL to a friend that’s born and raised in Australia…

Corra says:
these kids are really tough
they know how to make recycle paper already
A says:
cheh*.....we learnt it in school when we were 8 la*
Corra says:
how come i've never?
A says:
its part of our schooling
we learn how to recycle and global warming in primary school adi*
Corra says:
A says:
all you chinese school. only learn about maths and physics 
and not about the environment
Corra says:
thats true
A says: 
thats why you see in the photos, its all white kids. you don't see any asian kids making recycle paper


* The “cheh” and the “la” in the sentence is our local slang, he picked it up from his parents and cousins, can be ignored.

* adi = already

Damn the local educational system - turned me into such a pariah. Eeek.






Wendy Sue said...

eh, but I kinda remembered doing some recycling paper thingy during primary school wor.....not to make paper la. But we soak the newspaper in water and then added glue to it and then like casting, use them to make moulds of bowls, plates and such and the leftover ones (without the added glue), me and dad just try making paper out of it like what your fren did.

So, maybe it's just you. :P

The Chinese school system can b pretty hard on the kids, I think.

Corra said...

I got home tuition teacher since I was 5, I have elephant memory but I don't remember playing anything close to making paper.