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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wedding Dinner


Photos courtesy by Steven.C

CY & Peggy finally tied the knot on the weekend. The bride was born the same day as me, as in same DD-MM-YYYY wise.

It was a major riot day in KL that day and basically the town was closed. And so hubby had a rough week we decided to make a short escape from everyone and everything – we drove up to the highland for coffee, and I finalized my TwinHearts Knot Ring design while sipping my cup of latte. We drove back down to town after 2 hours – just in time for me to get dressed for the dinner (I thought), but because the a bad jam was still going on, most of the guests were late and hence dinner served at 9pm, I was terribly bored and I was starving, moment like this iPhone definitely was a live-saver.


Some pictures of me, featuring my precious earrings (the same pair I’ve wore for my own wedding), little black dress and 3 and half inches heels.


I love heels.


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