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Monday, October 26, 2009

One day…


You know how much I love to read, and you would wonder what do I read most of the time. Well basically I read just about everything and anything, and I feel guilty if I don’t read for more than 3 days. I don’t know about you but I always find all columnists in Etsy Storque are wonderful, so informative and they write about stuff that’s so relevant to what I do everyday! So human. :P

And so I found this article last week: Etsy :: Storque :: Seller Tip: Present Yourself to the Press. And then I keep going back to the same page, to see the above picture - atelierpompadour's studio, photo source: atelierpompadour’s photostream on flickr (thanks!) 

DID YOU SEE THAT??? YES THAT, THAT HAMMOCK! And did you see the blues and the pinks? AND THOSE WOOD!!!
ishh… I am so jealous. I am so jealous because I don’t even have a proper work place for my jewelry creation. When I am not creating I keep all my tools and materials, and I set aside my books and laptop and mouse when I need to draw and create – cause I am working from the same table, a 3ft X 1.5ft table from IKEA (I will take a picture of my work place for you to see one day!) And I barely work in the natural sunlight, because I create after working hours, usually from 8pm to slightly pass midnight…

Did I sound like I am ranting? Opps. No no I am not ranting. I am just… reviewing my current situation and putting some serious thoughts to make things more sustainable. I used to wake up 3 to 4 times a night to check E-mail, just in case there’s transactions/orders. I tried my best to deliver them ASAP, I really didn’t want my jewelry friends to wait for their orders for too long. And that lifestyle is totally not sustainable. I am glad that things are slowly changing now, the situation improved so much after I’ve launched my Official E-commerce Instant Download Website. With the help from my official site, I am now able to plan and do more other stuff, for example, blogging now instead of creating, because I’ve already delivered a priority item yesterday! I am rewarding myself a free and easy Monday evening today!

Back to atelierpompadour’s studio. I really wish to have a proper studio like atelierpompadour’s studio, but having a place as such in the house means I will need to install another air-conditioning unit! And… space is also another major concern. Over here everyone lives in houses that look exactly the same in the entire neighborhood, people here don’t build their own house, and extending the house plan is a hassle – dealing with the government is a hassle, and because no one know how to build a house, no one ever need to use any tool, my friends were amazed that I know how to use a drill (to coil wires lol!). Anyway I am sure things will played out correctly one day.. ONE-DAY. :)

Have a great week ahead will ya? And take care!


Unknown said... used to be one of my fave websites: whenever I saw the workspaces people had, I was SO jealous (I don't even HAVE a desk *pouts*)! It's a shame that site is not updated anymore.

Corra said...

Serena, thanks so much for recommending me that wonderful blog! By the way, do you have your own blog or website I could visit too? :)


Atelier Pompadour said...

thank you Corra for sharing my studio!! you are jealous of my studio but I'm jealous of your website!!Love your blog and your awesome works!Paola