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Sunday, October 25, 2009

JiaSha Earrings with Garnet

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The JiaSha Knot Tutorial is still $2 cheaper at the moment, my plan is listing them in my Etsy and ArtFire store sometime this week, and that would mean the price will be revert back to it’s original price then. So seriously, grab it now whilst the promotion is still on!


Made these just in time before she leave. The owner’s born in January, that’s why its Garnet.

She asked why were those spaces uneven? I told her that’s because she started to examine my creations like an artist – instead of someone who’d wore jewelry as jewelry. The difference between the two was – artist obverse details and recognizes flaw(s), the latter see jewelry as a whole and often won’t realize it’s imperfection(s). :P


Sounds cunning didn’t I? LOL. I am not 100% lying and you knew it.


And last but not least, I told her not to worry about the uneven spaces, they all will adjust themselves to sit at the right places after awhile!!!


Earrings details:

  • weight: 6.3gram in total.
  • 4cm tall and 1” at it’s widest measure.
  • Garnet bead (1cm X 7mm)
  • Rock Crystal

Now, am off for some book reading before start to work on another commissioned piece again! Enjoy the Sunday!


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