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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Preview: Esy-to-Make Project-Winter2009 Pendant

Less than a month to Christmas, we all have to stop procrastinating and get something done. I’ve came up with a Easy to Make project that’s perfect for beginners. It has entered the final stage i.e. proof reading as of now and I will be publishing it as soon as I could.

In this project you learn to:
  1. Plan where your wires goes
  2. Making perfect round loops and spirals
  3. Cross Stitching with wires
  4. Attaching bead seamlessly
If you would like to see my modeling it, here it is: Sekinchan. Click on the image to see the full size picture of it!

Please anticipate!!! ^^

Many hugs!

1 comment :

Ren said...

I am looking forward to it! I've got some of your other tutorials, and even though they're very well written, my head still spins and I haven't tried them yet.

This looks very pretty! I'll be very happy to test it out over my Christmas break. :)

(Ren from the Beading Forum.