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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

de Cor’s Packaging and Business Card!


Business cards and stickers for my new packaging! They are designed by, the same company whom have developed my website, they got the design done very quickly and professionally, and then the designs and measurements were sent to Paul (yet another brilliant team that does print-finishing, whom mobilizes resources to print business cards/stickers/brochure and etc), for an Offset Printing no less. Both teams worked everything out for me in less than ONE week, which is super duper efficient! I am totally impressed!

As for the gift boxes (without pre-printed logo nothing on it so you can stick your own logo like mine) and mini plastic bags (that can delay the tarnishing process of precious metal) – i plan to sell them in my website/ Etsy and ArtFire store, right now the team is working out on the costing, and soon you can check them out from my various online venues. So do check back if you are interested! ^_^

Now here’s some useful information for your reference:

Contact details:

Business Card & Logo designed by impsmall

For enquiry, send an e-mail to

Business Cards & Stickers finished by Paul.

For enquiry, send an e-mail to

Have fun all!!!


Wendy Sue said...

ooooooooo...... very nice!

Corra said...

LOL Wendy, Like or not? :D