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Friday, February 12, 2010

GONG XI FA CAI And Happy Valentine’s Day | Ang Pao Give-Away and Promotion

IMG_8650Hehe! Ms. Bobbi is going to like this year. It’s year of TIGER!!! To be precise, it’s WOOD Tiger’s Year (though there are lots of debates going on out there whether it should be a Golden Tiger year OR Wooden Tiger year..)


So here I come. The promotion AND the Ang Pao give away!!!

This special promotion only available on my official website:, starting from NOW until 18th February 2010, for only USD88.88 you can own ALL OF MY TUTORIALS. Click on the following image to check out the item to see product description.

image Mind you – the original price for this package (i.e. $132.00) is already a marked down price after 25% discount, the original total price for all tutorials was $175.4, that said, this promotion is going to save you $86.52 now.


Now, let’s see what we have got for Ang Pao Give-away. Same as last year, I am going to run a little event for my blog readers, i.e., YOU. ^__^


Just a little info if you don’t already knew: it’s the Chinese culture that married couple would give Ang Pao (Red packet) to the juniors for a blessing. Similarly, I am not going to follow the rule exactly like how it should be, I am giving away 15 Ang Pao, and no, you do not have to be younger nor single to win the Ang Pao, simply leave a comment for this blog entry and you COULD be THE winner, though I would appreciate it if you would leave a positive and encouraging wishes to everyone else that read this blog. :)

I will reveal the winner list when I’m back from my Chinese New Year’s visiting! See ya around!


Agnes Sim said...

yeah!! So good! Ang pao, ang pao..i want ang paw. hehe...

I do always visit your blog since i found it at somewhere. Your artwork is really awesome & amazing, i like it so much!!!

Hope everyone here have a wonderful CNY. Yahooooooooo~~ can goin bck to hometown for CNY celebration soon! :p

Unknown said...

Dear Corra,

wishing you and all your loved ones a very Happy Chinese New Year.

I have been hooked to your Blog since the day I first read it. Hoping to see many more wonderful new techniques in the coming year.

Carassia said...

Hi Corra, I wish you a very lucky and successful New Year! It don't matter if it's "Golden" or "wood" Tiger Year... we let it simply be the Wire Tiger Year, especially for you!
(I'd love to win an Ang Pao... it would make me feel all young and single again! ;-))
Jutta (carassia)

Tiger said...

I am hear wishing everyone a happy new year and a great one :)

I am excited to enter the drawing and hope to be one of the lucky winners :)


Perth Jewerly said...

Dear Corra, thank you so much for your creative tutorials, your jewelry is so unique and pretty and delicate, I would use every day your jewelry, I love all your tutorials, but I use each day my PIPA EARRINGS, each one ask me how could I made it, I say with CORRA'S TUTORIALS, all the best for you this NEW YEAR and Happy Valentine's Day
Rita García

SueS said...

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day to you Corra and all readers of your blog. You are so gratious in sharing your wonderful talents with all through your creations and tutorials. Yeah! Year of the Tiger. I love tigers!!! Wishing everyone all the best in this new year.

Joana said...

Corra, I wish you a wonderful year of the Tiger.
And of course to all of my fellow blog readers!
I have been following your blog on and off from some time now, and I LOOOOVE it.
Happy Valentine as well.

Klunkermonster said...

Hi Corra,

happy New Chinese Tiger Year to you, your family and friends. Have a nice celebrating time. And be very creative this year, many people are waiting for your new pieces to enjoy.

Many greetings


Heart's Desire Beading Company said...

Dear Corra,

Wishing you a Happy New Year and a Happy Valentine's Day! I always enjoy reading your posts and looking at all the lovely jewelry you make! It certainly gets my creative juices flowing!
Thanks for sharing all those great ideas through your tutorials too!


Beads & Pieces said...

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

Corra, your blog is an inspiration - I love your work!

Unknown said...

I enjoy your work and you have been an inspiration to so many. Happy New Year!!!


Book Dragon said...

Hi Corra,
I think it is so wonderful that you believe in tradition. In my family the tradition we had was hospitality. No matter what time a guest came over you would feed them.:) One i think is special to uphold.:) Thanks for the smile.
peace love and hugs

Ronnie said...

Hi Corra,

I am a self-taught wrapper (that is, I've never had a class) and I love your tutorials. So clear. Thank you.


Book Dragon said...

Hello Corra,
Happy year of the tiger.
May it be all you desire and more.:)

Wilma said...

Happy New Year Cora to you and your family and friends
I so enjoy all your tutorials and can't wait to be able to buy your package deal when I get a job in hopes of furthering my education.
Love your blog and read it faithfully.
Again Happy New Year and Happy Valentines day.

karenqd said...

I love reading your blog. May every blessing you need be yours in 2010.

Corra said...

Hello peeps, thank you so much for all the well wishes, instead of 15 red packages, I decided that all of you that have left me a message will go home with a Ang Pao from me. Kindly drop me a mail at so that I could send you a cash discount coupon that worth USD5.

Happy weekend all!


Tiger said...

I am super excited :) I send you an e-mail :)