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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Give Away!


If you have have been my blog’s reader, you know Erin is one of my very dear friend I’ve met after I begun my jewelry making life – and now she is back, with a new concept store!

Just a quick recap of her past works, they are all my favorites by the way!

image image image image

image image


So, by now you should know which Erin I am talking about. :)


That’s not the main purpose of this blog entry though! Erin had been tied up with her other commitments in life and now that she finally get to come back to us! And this time not just her alone – she is back with her sister, Megan, and they have opened a new Etsy store (! Trust me – you ought to check it out soon if not now!

And now, here’s the fun part. Erin is arranging a blog give-away for this pair of lovely earrings, and I am honored to be the chosen one to run this event on her behalf!


Check this super lovely Superfluid Earrings – Swarovski pearl and Sterling Silver, dangling earrings out!

image image


Stunning "platinum" colored Swarovski pearls float at the end of fine sterling chain. Sterling ear hooks.
So elegant and versatile with lovely swing!
Pearl: 10mm
Length from ear hook: 4.5cm or 1.8 inches.
~Finish~ Bright and lovingly hand polished.
Matching necklace available here:
To see more Science & Poetry earrings:
To return to Science & Poetry's shop:


What you need to do is to leave her a message on this blog entry, and Erin will do a lucky draw in the end, the lucky winner will go home with this lovely darlings – and yes you heard me right, I will not be the one to choose the winner, Erin, or probably, Erin’s sister, Megan, will. :)

So come join us and go ahead to leave them a message, to Erin or Megan, to say hi or tell her you have missed her, or welcome Megan with your warm support, you could be the winner!!! :)


I look forward seeing your attempt to be THAT lucky winner! COME COME!



Unknown said...

Phenomenal works of beauty! The earrings are just gorgeous in their simplicity!

ShOp@holiC said...

Hi Erin, welcome back! Ever since I picked up wire jewellery back in Sep 07, I have always visited your blog to admire your creations. Your creations are a source of inspiration to me (and yours too Corra) and I look forward to more highly-crafted pieces. I love your pieces and hope to own one soon.
Mei Li

Cindi said...

Hi Erin!

This is the first time I've seen your work and I'm very impressed. I hope you do a tutorial on the pendant that is the 2nd picture on the left side (next to the butterfly). It's soooo beautiful.

Welcome back! I look forward to seeing more of your work and hopefully seeing you on Facebook. Do you have a FB account? I'd love to fan your page & help get the word around.

Cynthia Clinton

Bountiful Roses said...

WOW! Your work is beautiful. I don't know which one I like best.
Dawn Hoover

Holly said...

Hi Erin,
I've loved your stuff since Cora first bragged about it...oh who remembers when that was! LOL I'd love to win your giveaway :)

Soo Mei @ Molecule Handmade Jewelry said...

Hi Erin, I was really impressed with your creation ever since I saw them on Flicker few months back. I must say they are all seducing art piece....

Corra, thanks for posting this :)

SueS said...

Beautiful work Erin. I had not seen your work before, but thanks to Corra sharing your return, I have been able to see your creative designs.

Jeannie said...

Erin and Megan, What an excellent name for a store! Your ideas and designs look fresh and very wearable. Best of luck to you in your new venture!!

Unknown said...

Erin, your work is beautiful! The very best of luck. :)

PS Great work by a very good friend on the post of your lovely handicrafts and running the give away! Everyone needs a good friend, and you have a great one!

Unknown said...

Glad you are back with your amazing creations, Erin!!


Joana said...

It's good to have Erin back!
I've always admired her work, and that's how I found Corra as well. Now I'm hooked ;)