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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cloverleaves Hoops, Earrings

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Credit: Monika Jagaciak from Vogue March 2010 issue, her pictures were found under Calvin Klein’s advert; also thanks LiHung for being my model!
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Fine Art Jewelry, Wired Chinese Knot. 100% Handcrafted.

Do you realize sometimes when you wear a pair of hoops earrings, the design and the details on the earrings are sorta hidden? It is due to your ear's pierce. But hey, don't get me wrong! There is nothing wrong with that, in fact when that happened it only prove one thing - that your pierce is perfect.

When your earlobes are pierced perfectly, that's when you are able to carry some very, very demanding studs/ post earrings, look into the mirror! They sits perfectly at the center of your earlobes didn't they?!

But Yet! If you have a perfect piercing on your earlobes and you are about to wear a hoop-earrings, look again - and you will realize the designs and the details of the hoops will often be hidden, unless they are viewed from side.

I DO want my design to POP! Therefore I've been trying to design something that's more revealing - something suitable for all kinda ear-shapes and ear pierce positions.

So for this pair of hoop-earrings, I've added 3D elements to it. The diamond cut's Cubic Zirconia stones were arranged in the way that the stones are visible at all angles, be it your friend are looking at you from your absolutely front or side, they will see what you are wearing. :)

Hoops details:
Weight: 2.2gram (1.1gram each)
Diameter: 2cm

All metal are Sterling Silver, adorned with Cream color Swarvoski Crystal Pearls and Diamond cut Cubic Zirconias.

Ω Kindly Note: Item will be shipped 1-2 days upon payment received.
Your beautifully crafted Hoops will be delivered with quality jewelry box.

Thank you so much for viewing!
Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

1 comment :

Soo Mei @ Molecule Handmade Jewelry said...

Hi Corra,

Came across your blog sometimes ago, but didn't carefully browse through it till recently.

I must say you are really an inspiring wirework jewelry artisan. I admire all your work very much, how you turn chinese knot into beautiful wire jewelry is really amazing.

Would definitely wanna try out your tutorial. Just can't decide which one to try first. They are all gorgeous~ :)