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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CUSTOM ORDER: Whale Tail Pendant


The International Best Seller 'The DaVinci Codes is based upon the secret of Phi. The following is an extract from that book.
... 'My friends, as you can see, the chaos of the world has an underlying order. When the ancients discovered PHI, they were certain they had stumbled across God's building block for the world, and they worshipped Nature because of that. And one can understand why. God's hand is evident in Nature, and even to this day there exist pagan, Mother Earth-revering religions. Many of us celebrate Nature the way the pagans did, and don't even know it. May Day is a perfect example, the celebration of spring ... the earth coming back to life to produce her bounty. The mysterious magic inherent in the Divine Proportion was written at the beginning of time. Man is simply playing by Nature's rules, and because art is man's attempt to imitate the beauty of the Creator's hand, you can imagine we might be seeing a lot of instances of the Divine Proportion in art this semester.'
Item listed in my ArtFire.
♥ R E S E R V E D ♥
Customized order. Pendant designed for a dear friend's friend, someone who have special passion over whales.
Fine Art Jewelry, 100% Handcrafted.

Pendant is 1" tall and 1.5" at its widest measure.
Weight: 2.8gram

All metal are Non-Tarnish Silver Artistic Wires, featuring beautiful White Freshwater Pearl and Rock Crystal beads.
Pendant will be delivered with quality jewelry box. View last picture of this listing.

1 comment :

Rafael Guedes said...

Hello you have beautiful piences. I like all the pieces that you creat specialy this. I think it´s magnific and creative very beuatiful. I´m a creator of this kind of art and i start it a few months in this project and i like it very much but, i have much to learn and i want to show to the people this kind of art is very beautiful to show. Congratulations and i hope learn much more.