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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prototype – JiaSha Trio necklace

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Custom Order – and this is the prototype piece. So now I have JiaSha series set! :P

Material: Artistic wires, black gunmetal chain and garnets (rounds and teardrops).

I use Artistic Wires for all prototyping my orders, and as soon as I would like to start the project I realized I’ve ran out of one of the most important material – 24ga wires. Freaked out! I have promised my client by weekend I will be able to show the prototyped piece! So I went over to, one of my favorite supplier, to see if they have 24ga, and then it says it’s all sold out. PANICKED! I text Steve from to see if he can source me some anyway, I texted him instead of call – cause it was already very late at night, I think it’s almost 11pm when I texted. He rang me up in less than 1 minute, and I told him what I need and need them urgently – gratefully, he told me he kept some. THANK GOODNESS!

So it will take one day if he were to send them via post to me, I decided to pay a visit physically (for the first time after he’d shifted) the next day. And then this is what I saw:


It was Ms. Mastura running a class! My heart was deeply touched when I see this – they are all paying their full attention creating TOGETHER! Ms. Mas is great, she’s so soft spoken and I can barely hear anything, and no I didn’t say Hi to them, I WAS TOTALLY SHY!!! And didn’t want to interrupt the class!


I think you crafters in Malaysia should really pay a visit there – it’s a cozy place that you will want to be there and be with people that shares the same interest. I am very comfortable in there and I didn’t leave immediately after getting what I need, I walk around places and chit-chat with Steve and Icyy, I even found out that Iccy and I had a common friend! All in all, it was a good good experience – I trust everything happened for it’s reason! I almost being thankful for running out of 24ga wires LOL!


Happy a good weekend folks!

- Corra @ Malaysia -


jenny said...

Corra, then when u wana create ur own class?

Corra said...

I am thinking about it already. :)

steufel said...

So your post on the yahoo-list. Great necklace, corra! regards Stefanie

Joan said...

u went there on sat? i'm somewhere around wangsa maju that day, i thought they went oversea..... then didn't go there

Corra said...

Yea!!! So happening there, I am thinking perhaps one day we should arrange a mini meet up there. ^__^