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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Engagement Ring


A dear friend came to me with a question: how do I get an engagement ring that she would love?

Wow. Isn’t he seeking for insurance? Designs are very subjective I told him, what I would prefer might not be what she would like, and boy, I haven’t even met her yet! So in the end I suggested to get a better stone, and then bring the stone to a gold smith that has better reputation, and make the ring slightly larger just in case it can’t slid through her finger when he had his knee on the floor…

Then the word insurance came right through my mind.
Speaking of insurance, had anyone insuring your jewellery? I once heard from my grandmother that jewellery insurance is a norm in the olden days, but as of today I have not have many friends that need to apply insurance on their jewellery, the common practice though is to put them into safe in bank, and when the bank is broken into they loss their precious jewellery all together. So how does jewellery insurance work? The concept is pretty straight forward – you buy your ring, with few diamonds, say it worth USD$10,000.00, you get your seller or broker to issue you an appraisal to assure you it’s value, you then bring this appraisal to jewellery insurance company or agent who will then charge you a fee base on the value your seller stated on the appraisal to cover your ownership to the ring in case you have lost it, they take it and they approve it, you then go home and say it is *touch wood* stolen, or an animal swallowed it, I don’t know, right? You go to your insurance agent and tell them – I want the exact same thing. That’s when you will totally go home with a happy face, preparing yourself to see your broker or seller once again but this time, someone is going to pay for the bill. Of course there are still alot of behind the scenes that you should study before jumping in and dealing with after you have jumped (in), your insurance agent would probably getting the same stones as you for a better price, or the fee that you have paid work out very well under their probabilities/statistics, but what really matters is – you don’t have to be paranoid in losing your precious diamonds. :)

Sounds pretty cool yeah? One day I will have to be paranoid over my precious diamonds. Hahaha! Here’s some stones that I would look – and I only manage to find one book about jewellery insurance. If you are having too much hassle I guess best just go for the Trios. :P

Happy weekend all!
Corra @ Malaysia

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