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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

de Cor’s Handmade Jewelry, Wired Chinese Knot, unofficial brochure


Please allow me to brag a little about my friends.

Handmade Jewelry
Ever since I’ve picked up wire jewelry making I am pretty much a changed person. Before that I am only dealing with my friends, classmates, schoolmates and colleagues, with this online business the world unfold itself infront of me, I get to see lots of different talents from different field, things that I never paid attention for now I am obsessed with, and I am always amazed with what my friends can do – like, before Facebook even existed, one of them have already came up with an idea about human directory service, according to him that service went really well until it went out of control, they weighted the consequences they decided to let it die a natural death.

Then come MunHon, my uni-mate that like to create his own game cause he can’t find the game he like to play. At second year in school he decided to write a network gambling game when everyone else was writing a simple MP3 player with Visual Basic. We’ve became colleagues after I graduated (he’s my senior though he is younger, my case is the outcome of not knowing what to do after high school), and then he left the company to pursue his own dreams. Not long after he left the company, we had a chat when he was building my website. It was just a mere MSN conversation, that I’ve told him how my another friend’s friend in U.S. is making tons of money by writing one stupid iPhone app, he then decided to write an iPhone game for the sake of testing the market, i.e. SpaceJunk, and the reason why he do this is because I’ve told him “you gotta plan something for yourself in case you got brain damage and can no longer code”.
See? Being influential is easy, grant me a chance I can inspire you somehow. :P

Fun Online Photo Editing
Next I want to talk about the founder of this application, Steven - Look up, boys and girls, the only picture in this post is the outcome of that application in less than 3 minutes! Steven is another friend of mine, also my uni-mate and ex-colleague. Well, honestly speaking I don’t really know him other than knowing his name and where he lives, but he came to me when this application goes beta, an application that portray a fun way to do an online photo editing - Beta means the application isn’t perfect YET. And I am the chosen one to be the guinea pig, look what he said to me:
“Save the picture if you want to, use them if you need to, and I hope this application can help you with your stuff somewhere somehow.”
Did you hear that? Do you know what that mean? If this application can serve me as a person, it can serve a millions – if he is going to be a multimillionaire in the future, I have just witnessed a success story! A successful business isn’t about the dollars you earned, it’s about the value you have added to this world and it’s about how many people you can serve as well as how many services you can provide. General speaking – solving problems and feeding them with solution is the key to big bucks!

Well, I don’t know about you, I am excited with this. Since it’s still in beta I won’t reveal where you can consume this application, one thing I can tell though – is that you won’t have to install anything to consume this application. Since I am the supposedly guinea pig, I am going to use this tool to create beautiful pictures and present it in my blog, I know you will love it, and then you will tell me you want it. :P

Have fun!
Corra @ Malaysia