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Monday, July 12, 2010

Lost and Found


One of my greatest fear is: what if my customer didn't like what I've made?

Designs are subjective, they are so subjective that sometimes no one would like what I like, or, I can never go along with somebody’s idea. I love what I create, it's like a mother can never dislike her child, to me whatever I've created are pretty, including those that stays in the box underneath my bed. I love them, all of them, for a simple reason - cause I've created them, each one of them despite them being imperfect they contributed in refining my skills somewhat somehow.
Remember SeaWave earrings? I twitted about it’s owner have lost it awhile ago, I cried aloud out the moment I've gotten the bad news, next thing came into my mind was - how am I supposed to recreate them? Honestly, I never reproduced anything if I haven’t written them into tutorials – I forgot how I make my pieces, everytime I create it’s a clean start to me. I think sometimes forgetting is blessing in art field, only then you will be able to invent.

So I’ve gotten the bad news in Facebook’s inbox, I replied after I’ve calmed down:
“。。。。找不回來嗎?左邊還是右邊呢?我不知道能否複製呢。 ”("Sure you can't find it? Left or the right side of it? I am not sure if I can reproduce...")
Then, it was a complete silence from her. For about a week. I was certain that she must be trying to find it, and was certain that I should give her some time. So I left her alone for a week.
“得空要回答我一下啊親愛的”("Reply me when you can, dearie.")
“親愛的Corra,掉了右邊的,唉,真是的。心裡不捨呢,但是不強求啦,不能複製也沒關係。 ”(Dear Corra, lost the right side of it. Sigh, can’t bare the loss but I guess just had to let it go, it’s okay if it can’t be reproduced.”

She sound like she was giving up. And I felt guilty for not even giving it a try to reproduce! So on July 9 at 2:07pm , I wrote to her again to tell her to pass me the left side of the earring, and I am going to try to reproduce the left side of it.
And then on the July 10, the universe did it’s magic! I got a message from her early morning, telling me that she’d found it. It’s in a recycle bag (RECYCLE BAG!!! MEANS SHE COULD HAVE THREW IT AWAY!!!) that she used to keep her documents, and it’s inside one of the file - She found it when she wanted to add some more documents into that file.

She blogged about this too, and as you can see, she took great photos as well:

P/S 失而復得的不止是你而已文心,謝謝。

Corra @ Malaysia

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