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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bridal Jewelry Set Challenge


A new custom order I’ve received. Her wedding’s in October, and hence I have plenty of time to work on this. Ms. H has a pair of perfect earlobes, round and the pierce were perfectly done – she told me she was going to let down her hair, and she will be wearing my designs for the wedding dinner (how honored!).
How to design a bridal jewelry set or wedding jewelry set
Initiate everything from asking this question: “When do you want to start, how do you want to pay?”
Then, carry out following tasks:
First: Obtain following items:
  1. Picture of the bride, with her gown on and preferably with her hairdo, get her to put on a pair of white round pearl earrings (studs), too, cause a pair of round pearl studs earrings usually tell a thousand stories.
  2. Picture of the groom (who say groom isn’t significant?)
  3. Length of the bride’s neck starting from the end of earlobe to collarbones.
Second: Study and Observe
  1. Observe the gown’s color
  2. Observe the bride’s skin tone
  3. Observe her face shape
  4. Observe her earlobe’s shape and her ear pierce position – you can decide if she should go for studs earrings or dangling earrings.
  5. Observe what her man’s going to wear, the color of his gown is something you have to watch out for. Ideally, she shouldn’t have more than 3 colors around her, if it has to be more than 3 colors, then time for you to refer to color wheel.
Third: R&D, Design
  1. Sketch and discuss – please take note that the bride might have already been bias towards you cause they already liked your work and hence they came to you, be happy if you can please them but if the bride is overly happy with your design in your very first attempt – don’t join her too soon, thank her for liking your design but come on, you do know you need an honest, or rather, rationale input from the alien men species. Men don’t have to know what and how you made the jewelry, just ask him one question and expect “nice” or “not nice” as answer, after all the bride won’t get to see herself that much as compared to the groom, we got to take care of the groom’s feelings too (so that in the future, say on their subsequent wedding anniversaries, mother’s day, Christmas or Easter, they know who they can turn to for an easy way out).
  2. Prototype your pieces using cheaper materials – don’t break your precious metal such as silver or gold wires until you are sure it’s going to be useful, if you are going to use precious stones for your actual design, find something similar in terms of color tone and shape for your prototype pieces first.
  3. Photograph your prototype pieces – cut down on digital editing this time.You are not going to list this item in your online store and wait for someone to fall in love with it, you have a targeted customer this time so make sure your customer sees what they are expected to received. Wear the prototype to let her see how does it look like as in overall.
Forth: Execution
  1. Give them your account number, or create a listing for them to check out, ya know... whatever – just make sure they commit to the transaction. This is to protect your interest so be flexible about it, perhaps you would want to get the down payment first so that’s fair for both parties.
  2. Break your silver or gold, make your design.
  3. Send them to her.
  4. If time permits, ask her if she need any bridesmaid jewelry, or is her bridesmaid in safe hands.
If you are planning for your wedding, here some reference you can check out from Amazon. :P

I am off to the drawing board now, and I will keep you posted with the progress, so, stay tuned!

Corra @ Malaysia


Agnes Sim said...

feel excited as well! haha..dunno y i'm so excited when read ur post here. :p I'm gonna be a bride as well in this OCT. :p

Can't wait to see ur next post. ;-)
Enjoy your weekend!

Corra said...

Practical or not my tips? Heheheh, Congrats on your big day! I want to see your jewelry!!!

Lou's addictions said...

Great tips Corra, cant wait to see what you come up with

Agnes Sim said...

haha..i din make any jewelry, simple one only. :p and MUA will provide for the actual day. ;-)

Corra said...

Agnes! You've gotta be kidding me! I picked this up after I got married and that's ashame!!! You sure you don't want to make anything for yourself? COME ON!

Corra said...

Lou dear, no time no see, how have you been? I will buzz again when I came up with the design! *working hard working hard working hard nowwww*