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Friday, July 2, 2010

My Malaysia Online Handmade Jewelry Business and Live Coaching and Training


I received mails like this more than often that I would post them up every single time. Sometimes, ya know, I just want to keep these myself. I read these amazing E-mails over and over again and these E-mails are literary my Chicken Soup for the soul. I remember everyone’s name that had wrote to me, I learn their names by heart. I know one day I will fly, and I know I will call their names. Though every now and then I will allow myself to feel high for a little praise, this month it was Dr. Mary’s mail that have made my day. With her permission, I am adding this into my testimonials:
“I write courses and teach as well and I wanted to comment on your excellent well-written tutorial and thank you for sharing, at no cost, your beautiful design.
I am thrilled with what I’ve been complimented. Thank you, Mary, for recognizing my hard work, all my late nights and tired squinted eyes paid off reading your E-mail, you have no idea how what you wrote had restore one’s faith. And… well, other than E-mail like what Mary wrote, I have people writing something like this too (click to enlarge the picture):image
“I like your handmade earring so much, is unique and attractive. May i know is it possible to attend some class to learn from you? can u pls let me know the fees of class, i am really interesting on this.
If you are like Ms. Wong whom feels that my Wire Jewelry Tutorials that teaches you Wired Chinese Knots Jewelry OFFLINE isn’t enough, and are keen to learn it ONLINE AND LIVE from me – for making custom jewelry of your very own or, want to start a handmade jewelry business with minimal effort and capital, or, run an online business and see the world, like me – WRITE TO ME for more details, cause we are now planning to extend this online teaching business to live-coaching, I, personally, will teach you how you can utilize de Cor’s designs to adapt to handmade jewelry of your very own, with 100% of your own care and full attention, with your passion and with your love. My intention is simple, I do this because I can, and I want to.

Background of de Cor’s Handmades (Handmade Jewelry Online Business)
A little background of how I’ve came about my online business - I’ve gone through the process of how to start an online business with just USD$0.20, and made my first USD$10,000 in less than one year, and I think you should duplicate my success. So instead of just teaching you how to make my design(s) (you still can, of course, if you are dead-serious that you want absolutely nothing more than just my designs - I am more than happy to have you in class anyway), I am also keen to help you to find or identify how you can find your very own style and developing your very niche, and come up with your very own design, a design that’s completely yours, with just a little help (or push) from your mentor (which is ME) – everyone deserves a signature design, if you get what I mean. But let me be upfront and frank – I can’t afford to do this for free, so this is a charged educational program, so only serious enquiries will be entertained. And to start, I am only taking 5 students at this stage - I will only concentrate in grooming this 5 person before I move on coaching and training the next batch of students.

Who Should Take This Course
This LIVE coaching and training opportunity is only applicable for Malaysian and Singaporean at the moment for the time being, unless you are willing to travel and find your own accommodation and transportation though I can help booking – reason why I stressed about this part is because, this can NOT be an one-day training or course because there are too much to teach! Hello? Being successful is not an one day job, that I won’t lie to you, but you get to learn it the easier way, I am not saying that you don’t need to invest your effort, you will have to, my role is to coach and help you through it if you are unsure. I am going to make things transparent and easy to you by telling you of what I’ve done and which route I’ve took, of how I’d took advantages on of the current market trend so my business could ride on it instead chasing after it and watching just the tail of success. So on top of my head, it will be an at least THREE-FULL-DAY-COURSE. Full-day means you are going to see me from 9am to 5pm and if you can’t finish what I want you to do you can not go home (I am kidding).

One of the key doing right thing the right way is finding yourself a right mentor, in this case, can someone (which is ME, Corra Liew) that had just raised an online business with USD$0.20 capital and fetched USD$10,000 in one year have your attention? So other than learning my design to help you kick start your creativities, I am also going to “study” you and help you identify your strength and setting up your own niche, or to help you to finalize one signature design for yourself if possible. I am also keen to teach you what I’ve done to improve my creativities and photography skills (you will be interested to find out what did I do to myself to have steady hands that takes sharp photos), may be (I said may be) my lawyer friend will nod his head and agree to educate you on how to protect your designs when you are selling online as well as how you should deal with copyright or Intellectual Property issues when things go wrong – these are just part of it, and I am also going to feed you all kind of tools that I personally use (and still using) which helped (and still helping) me with the business, such as formula to determine my jewelry price, templates I use for my eBooks and for marketing purposes, and etc. I would also provide you a list of suppliers (I mean, HONEST and RELIABLE suppliers) of mine, as well as list of contact for great, great, few of the top Web designers in town that charge a completely reasonable price that would help you jump start your business by applying set of online marketing strategies..

Too many!!! I have to be more organized and do not overpromise and gosh this is HARD! Just bear in mind this is going to be a three full-day course and my goal is to hear you say “I am glad I have met you.” alright? How’s that sound? Haha!

Now last but not least, since I am self-taught online entrepreneur (I use the word “Entrepreneur” because I am not a fan of being a self-employed, the difference between self-employed and entrepreneur is that the latter get paid for the value they added to the society and for people they served, they (which is me), make money when they (which is me) sleeps, ride horses (no, really, I’ve got E-mail notifications from PayPal the day I went for horse riding in one of my relative’s house hahaha), and play. I am a sucker for that. I, am, a sucker for not having to be there all the time for my business and fear that if one day I don’t work for my business my business will disappear.

Why Education is IMPORTANT
I remember one of a phrase I’ve read: If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
Like my favorite artist, Mr. Will Smith said: “too many people spending money they haven’t earned buying something they never need to please people they don’t like”, something like that and you get the idea. Investing to yourself can always wait – that’s what an ordinary person would tell themselves and that’s exactly why they stay at where they are.

Remember this:
“You always project on the outside, how you feel on the inside.”
Look at me designs, you will know I am a very focus person. For someone that focus cannot groom too many people at one time, and I look forward helping you to achieve your goal, you will have my attention throughout the workshop.

Take Action Before Your Seat is Gone.
If you foresee internet can be your world, internet business can work out for you, then this is for you. I remember when I start this I know absolutely nothing about it, as a Malaysian I don’t even know how I can cash out my earning. But today if you ask me, I would tell you I am glad that I’ve took the first step, and hence the rest is history. It would be a total different story today if I hadn’t, and I would probably asking myself just this question: “What did I do? When I can?”

So, Write to me, and remember to include following details otherwise your request will not be entertained.
Age: (I don’t mean to be rude but this is very important, I need to know this so that I could advise you on which jewelry making tool you might want to have it handy.)
Phone Number:

I will follow up with you of the course outline. Like I said, it’s going to be a workshop that would last at least three days depending on the finalized course outline, and, please, please only write to me if you are serious about signing up for the course, I appreciate your understanding. If you are keen to sign up, be quick – because there are only FIVE seats available at this stage.

Now go give it some thoughts and have fun considering – if you have been seeking for an opportunity and at the same time you are an employee, all you need to do is to sacrifice some of your golden time of day, i.e. 7pm to 11pm, to prepare, plan, build and groom your very own business while your friends or whoever it may concern are watching WaLaiToi or what not’s. If you have been thinking to start something, you either do something today to have something changed and gain something, or do everything the same way you did everyday and be okay with it for the rest of your life.

Corra @ Malaysia