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Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Blog Layout on iPAD and I am loving it!

photo 1
I LOVE MY BLOG – on iPad. Click to enlarge the picture if you like!
So do you see what needs to be improved? ArtFire. :) iPad doesn’t support flash, and there is no other pictures can be funnier than this:
Picture source from internet. :P

Google Adsense and I
I was just having a conversation with my girl friend when I was showing her my blog on iPad, and she said: Ah you have Google Ads on your website. I looked at her and go: “duh?”.
Who wouldn’t have a Google Adsense account? I mean, I have been blogging since Blogspot freshly released, before Google bought it over! For those who started to blog since blogspot’s early day would it was a huge thing, and then next thing you know is everyone has an Google Adsense account.
She: ”Will you click on those ads?”
Me: “You mean clicking on those ads on my website? No, of course not, why?”
She: “Well, will you click on ads on other people’s sites?”
Me: “If it’s something I want to find out, yes, of course, why?”
She:” You mean you’d actually click on ads?” (she sounds I have offended her.)
Me:”Uh huh..”

She went silence. I kinda know where was she coming from. Please let me remind you though about Google Adsense, when you sign up, you gotta agree that you will not click on ads on your own website and will not ask your friends/ family members to click on them, Google want people who are genuinely want to find out about things to click on those advertisement links. Put it this way – if I were to park money with Google because I needed the traffic, do you think I should pay Google because some publishers click on my advertisement themselves so they can get paid from Google? Google of course, will punish those publishers for me – and to protect my interest, Google will not charge me for those fake clicks!

By the way publishers, you really don’t need to do that to earn money from Google, really. All you need to do is write good content so Google could put correct advertisement on your website, and since your readers are already reading what you wrote they will click on relevant advertisements to find out more about stuff. I have been in IT field and I know how people these days just won’t see the advertisement links anymore, they got immune to it, and there is nothing wrong about that. It is just like receiving news letters from someone from time to time, it is totally fine that you decided to unsubscribe it, all you are losing out is the latest news, you can always do a catch up later and you gotta be fine. But human being are weird, when you don’t see spams in your junk box you started to wonder if your mail server was having problem; and when you don’t see ads you started to think why there isn't anything out there worth advertising? Heh – might not be true for to you, just my $0.02.

So back to me, being someone would actually click on Google Advertisements - if you are a publisher that has Google Ads on your website, and if you see some clicks from Malaysia from your Google Analytic report, that’s probably me. Though I didn’t do it to put $0.08 (more or less) into your pocket, I do it for the information I was going to get, I knew what am I getting myself into, and I am fine with it. Some Etsy artisan too, advertise with Google and heck, I was actually glad that Google place a door to their world right infront of me! This is also one of the reason why I have ads on my website – I cannot have all jewelry related information on my blog, I don’t have that capacity, I write each and every blog entries myself, not by robot, not by modifying some existing contents from else where in the internet so that it would become unique and raw, no, nothing like that on my blog. I try to be as informative as possible, telling you about things I know and would do, if Google found a relevant ads about my blog entry they will put an ad on my website so that you will have access to things that might interest you, my website is just a platform, Google place ads base on what I write, if I write nonsense it will not be kind to me either, gladly, so far what I’ve wrote targeted Google Ads pretty well, seldom would I see irrelevant advertisements appear on my website – and do you know what that means? That mean Google acknowledge me as a serious blogger that tell serious stuff about handmade jewelry and jewelry making, if you see ads on my website, have some faith that that is Google trying to fetch you information that you might be interested with, they could have put a public charity ads on my website if they can’t find an advertisement that suit my website content.

Last but not least, please don’t get me wrong – all I am trying to do in this blog entry is to suggest you to give Google some credits for targeting right audience for their advertisement placement, personally i think it is amazing, the search engine engineers rocks, and when you are browsing the internet, never fear in clicking Google Ads if the title interest you – what do you think how I’ve discovered my favorite jewelry making forum and my suppliers? :)

Happy weekend all! :)
Corra @ Malaysia


Anonymous said...

Thx for your article. I was always wondering whether to add google adsense to my blog or not. After reading your info I will give it a go.

Corra said...

Heya dearie, just a little head up for you - it can be quite challenging to get Google approve on the request of becoming a publisher these days, but Google is fair - they love sincere blogger, so yes, give it a go and let me know how does it go. :)

Good luck!