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Monday, July 26, 2010

Wired Chinese Knot

Note: The above picture has got nothing to do with Wired Chinese Knot. Photo courtesy by Anya from Taiwan.
Actually, the title of this blog post was “Wired Chinese Knot and Me”. I typed a whole page long blog post and as I type I found myself vulnerable. Then I deleted everything. I don’t know how to start and don’t know what to say anymore. :)

So, WHERE have I been for the passed one week?
While the recent copyright infringement case let me (and many other designers) down, I have found some pure and good spirits as well. For those who’d contacted me via twitter/ facebook/ E-mails/ Private messages via forum, I thank you for your warm support, you guys have helped me through a tough time yet again when I see absolutely no hope from the supposedly reliable counterpart.

For Taiwanese friends that had shown support, thank you for being understanding, I know it is equally painful for you to find out that someone you have always trusted is not entirely the person you’ve thought you know.

Then, what is that ROSE in the picture?
Check this gorgeous Wire Weaving Jewelry while meeting the new found talent from Taiwan. People, her name is Anya. According to Anya, she learned to her first ROSE ring from Kiki aka BorneoQueen’s tutorial (it’s currently sold out in Etsy at the moment, perhaps you could contact her directly to check if she would relist it), and I am sure Kiki is proud of her. It’s hard to find a student who’d love a design that much and then keep finding a way in refining them, often students buy tutorials to check out how to create the design on the cover even though the technique introduced could be applied in many ways onto many other pieces. Anya, applied the technique taught in Kiki’s tutorial,into her own design by utilizing the relevant techniques – and finally when them both merged, this beautiful ROSE ring is born. I lost count of how many times Anya have told me about how grateful she was to have learned the basic technique correctly from the right person since the beginning, i.e. from Kiki herself via her tutorial. When that happened, the effort invested into a tutorial is well paid off!
This can be an adjustable ring, or a fixed size ring. It’s rare that such a big and bold design can be this delicate at the same time, and I am in awe. If I get to choose to own a piece of this, I would go for a fixed size ring simply because I am such a clumsy person, I won’t want to lose this gorgeous creature if I’ve ever own one.

P/S You can order this design from Anya directly, and no, I don’t take commission. :)
Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have a great week ahead.

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