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Friday, August 13, 2010

Off Topic: Langkawi


This was somewhat a last minute holiday deal to me, I didn’t expect the company will make it happen in time though it was the same old same old – went to the beach again. It’s annoying that I have finally became fairer, just in time for another outing at beach side.


Place: Langkawi, Malaysia.

What is it’s specialties?

Tax-free alcohol, cigarettes and chocolates, Eagles (yes you heard me right) and lot’s of Sun.


We went for holiday auto car hire when we were there – and there were police everywhere, 3 colleagues caught not having seat belt on, the supposedly penalty would be RM300 fine per person, police asked for RM100 so that he would issue just ONE ticket, the whole thing settled by buying the police 4cups of coffee from Starbucks, no tickets were issued.

That’s quite common in this country so If you were to travel there and if you are stopped by police, regardless if you have violated any rules, just turn on your phone’s video camera, it’s very likely they are going to offer you some “great” deal, and if they really do it you could just confront them and tell them that you have already recorded down whatever he said and done, tell them it is smarter if they would just let you go. But don’t get me wrong – I am not encouraging you to endanger your life by violating rules on purpose, I just didn’t like cops that doesn’t do what they supposed to do that’s all.


Here’s some photos – I didn’t bring my camera, cause there were more than half of the colleagues brought theirs, you guys should see how people filled up the luggage space – 50% filled with DSLR and another 50% filled by alcohol.



Photo #1: Boys on the beach.

Photo #2: Sea Sun Sky and boats!

Photo #3: Me & the best dressed dude.

Photo #4: Me & company’s sweetie-pie.


Photos courtesy by WO. G.


I hope you get your fair share of Sun for your summer too. :)

Corra @ de Cor’s Handmades

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