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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

iPhone App - PayPal

Are you an iPhone user? And, do you use PayPal? I am the user for both and I just love how people had became so innovative and creative, the existence of iPhone - or iWhatever really had change so many things including lifestyle.

I am a faithful believer of "Law of Attraction", and I believe staying positive attracts more things that you would like to be attracted to - things changed after I installed PayPal application on iPhone (you can install this application by going to AppStore > Categories > Finance > Top Free) and I will tell you how.

Since the day I had this application installed, this is what had happened..

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I see from my phone when I shut the alarm, I see notification pushed by PayPal... 

When I am accessing Facebook during lunch time, people are buying stuff during lunch time too!!!

And when I am talking with my family member in the middle of the night... the pushed notification just reminded me that U.S market is wide awake!!!

When I read mails while brushing teeth....


I smile every time I am notified with payment received, it doesn't matter where I go and what was I doing, from the amount I could roughly guess from which online venue I've got my product sold, if I want to view the detail of the payment received I can touch the "View" button - and then I get to choose to login with PayPal E-mail address or pin:

 The interface for logging with Password:
The interface for logging with Pin - all you need to do is register your mobile number with PayPal, there is no right or wrong of which login method you should be using, just personal preference.

 Tada!!! You are in!
 Touching the arrow down button will reveal more details of the transaction, including Payment Type, Status, ID, and Item. You get to choose to view full details of it (but they lied, the full details is not "full", just whatever you can see from the arrow-down button plus Shipping address, which is just enough for you to know things you need to know for the transaction.

Last but not least, remember to log out!!! :) (Getting out of the app directly would do the trick too. :P )

The only downturn of this application is that if you have transaction piling up and the notification is triggered before you close the current notification that's occupying your screen, you won't get the new notification, of which I think PayPal might never implement - remember sometimes we just won't get E-mail notification when we receive fund? Yeah that's because the notification function will only be triggered ONCE when you get the fund and it will not wait in queue, so if PayPal's push notification service is busy or down when the feature was supposed to be triggered, too bad, you won't get it - So the same concept applied here too, I think.

Overall I rate this application 5 stars, for making me so happy so immediately LOL. I think you should try it out soon too. :)

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

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