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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Handmade Wire Jewelry - Belated Mother's Day Gift, Flower Earrings

I shouldn't have had that cup of Mocha, it was already 4pm, what was I thinking?
So there, got hit by insomnia yet again. I tried sleeping, didn't work out, it was already 5am, I thought I may as well do something.

Good thing that I've bought Bobbi's new tutorial: Charming Hearts 2 by MyWiredImagination

Bobbi is superb, as always. I've planned to create a pair of earrings for my mother in law as Mother's Day gift, and I wanted to create something.. petite, and the best, bestest thing about Bobbi's - is that she always add some bonus chapters in her tutorial. Charming Heart 2 by MyWiredImagination delivers a complete guide in creating 7 petals flower, and as bonus, Bobbi also included tips and tricks in making 5 petals flower too. Which is perfect for me.

So, I've utilized my sleepless night making these, with just a wee but of variations. And my mother in law wore this to the dinner just now, earrings suits her just the way I would have expected it, and she totally loves it. I think she is proud of me. :)

Thank you so much for writing the tutorial, Bobbi. :) Love ya.

Corra @ de Cor's handmades


BobbiWired said...

These are really pretty Corra!! Glad I was there to help with your insomnia :)) Now - NO more coffee before bed-time :D

Norma's Nook LLC said...

Very nice.