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Monday, June 6, 2011

PIPA Earrings, Wired Chinese Knot

Anya made these. :)

It never failed to put a smile on my face when I see my jewelry artist friend's attempt on making PIPA jewelry.

Wired PIPA Earrings was my first ever Wired Chinese Knot jewelry piece and its a signature design of mine, and now, Anya have made her first PIPA pendant into a great success. From her version of Wired PIPA Pendant you could probably tell how much attention she'd invested to ensure the outcome turn out to be as close to what I've taught in the PIPA Earrings tutorial as possible. Thank you, Anya, I appreciate your effort and attention. :)

So, a classic PIPA this is:

Then, a variation - knowing Anya, this is definitely a must do after she equipped herself with the knowledge on making the basic Wired PIPA Jewelry:
Totally stunning and classy, ain't it? I especially like how she'd planned her non-round frame, it remind me of how Erin made her's. It's not straight forward, and I am glad that she did not compromise on the little details.

I am actually hoping to see more pieces from Anya, I've seen how she'd made her ROSE ring (image heavy) by adapting Kiki's Adjustable Rose Ring tutorial, I know she would apply whatever she'd learned onto her own jewelry pieces. :)

If you are interested in learning to make Wired PIPA Knot jewelry, here's

   Code: DCH002
   Title: PIPA Earrings
   Category: Wired Chinese Knot

Hope you had fun viewing. :)

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

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