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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Featured in Wirework Fall 2011

I've got a mail from Kalmbach's editor last year, asking if I would write a Wire Jewelry Tutorial for them. The only question I've asked was, of what kind of jewelry design could make to the cover? I've came up with ideas and finally decided on submitting my Bridal SilverLace Earrings design (inspired by Hennley's wedding). The former editor (now have moved on being editor of another magazine) thought that the design will have chance getting onto the cover for Fall 2011's issue. :)

It did indeed.

My Bridal SilverLave Earrings did got onto the cover of Wirework Fall 2011 issue - If you a subscriber of Bead&Button's newsletter - On May 2, I've got the newsletter and I was totally excited...

Until I saw the actual published copy of it.
Bridal SilverLace Earrings no longer the cover, and I wasn't informed.

So I decided to write in.
And then I found an inconvenient truth. :)

Here's the replies I've received from the former editor:
"This is the issue that I started on. The contents are all the same, but a couple of weeks before publication, L (and maybe B, too, I’m not really sure) made the decision to change the cover images. I think the general feeling was that the cover pieces looked too challenging so they decided to switch them out. This isn’t unheard of in publishing, but it does create some confusion."

And another direct reply from the publisher:
"As you can imagine, a lot of factors go into choosing a cover image and including other elements to create the finished piece. In this case, we were seeing slow pre-sales so we decided to modify the cover. Once we chose a different primary image (E’s copper necklace looked easier to make than the braided bracelet), your earrings didn’t work as well.

Believe me, I understand your desire to have one of your projects featured on the cover. I’m sorry it didn’t work out this time. But keep trying. We love your projects!!!"

So, I am NOT the only one feeling hurt! I guess the designer for bigger image on the cover feel exactly if not more disappointed than me. But these will pass! They asked me keep trying - I think I will! I might just have to write some designs that editors and publishers will like, and THINK it will sell, and hope that one day mine will get on the cover!!! (Do I really have to compromise on the this? Write some easier projects just so that it could get onto cover? Hmm.)

Back to the Wirework Fall 2011 issue!

So here it is! Page 42 to 46, Wirework Fall 2011! May be you should try it out! The steps have been modified, though most part of the content preserved, I guess that's because you can't have too much detailed instructions when you are publishing it on magazine - the original tutorial I've submitted (and selling on my own online store) has 153 high resolution pictures and 15 critical/major steps.

And the introduction or brief information about me was not exactly right, either. I do not sell tutorials in several different languages - JUST ENGLISH. No big deal, I trust it's just some mere misunderstanding, things like these happens.

Oh, one very pleasant surprise I've gotten from this issue is that Ms. Perri Jackson play a part in it! They feature a few of her beautiful pieces on page 82, and when I saw them, the only thing that strikes through my mind was: oh boy her stuff CAN'T get onto the cover otherwise the editor or the publisher might think it will slow down the sales!!! *hint hint!*

If you have bought your Wirework Fall 2011, enjoy your read, and please patiently go through all of the designs, there are gold IN it. :)

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

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