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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY Wire Jewelry Baby Hair Clip

This is a DIY Wire Jewelry Baby Hair Clip with Non Slip Grip! *big big grin*

The focal is something I have made in year 2009, a stud that I have conceptualized for a friend but it never did materialized, she didn't like it, and I didn't have time to revisit the design then later, we lost touch. I hope she is well, though.

So here, inspired by mgypsy's Little by Little studs, I made this very cute hair pin for my 6 months old. :) This is the first time I am making a hair clip, I hurt my wrist and I almost can't operate that hot glue gun (yes, using hot glue gun for the first time too yay!)

I can't be knowing everything! So here's the instruction I have followed, Simple Bow Hair Clips (with non-slip grip) by Ashley @ Make-it-love-it.

I bought my ribbons and bare hair clip from, non-slip grip, hot glue gun and glues from Mr. DIY store (local store in our neighborhood).

My bare hair clip is 2" long, so the ribbon has to be about 4.5"; the grip's measure 1cm X 3.5cm, and the green ribbon is about 3" (I forgot to take note! I will in the next attempt!)

Ashley's instruction is very easy to follow, you should also be trying it out yourself. :)

Here's how it look on my baby's head. :D
Hope you have fun viewing, and eventually, trying. :D

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

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