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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What is that jewelry site for?

No i did not save the file and use it here, I screencaptured this so this is my own image file.
If you are into jewelry making long enough, you will know what I am talking and where am I pointing.
Shame on you, site admin. No I am not going to mention your website's name, why should I give you a free advertisement?

Gunadesign wrote his/her own version of PIPA design, and here's what he or she shared in the conversation exchanged:

"Dear Cora,
It was Eni’s decision to published my tutorial. I respect JL rules and make all requested adjustments. It is JL decision to published or not to published."

My name is Corra, by the way. And oh yes, of course I knew whose decision it was LOL, and of course you will respect whoever that's paying you (opps, actually, do you know that you are the one that's paying her? :D)

Incident like this happens once every two years, it was exactly two years ago (July 2010) Sue Duan from Taiwan published her own version of PIPA tutoria, sueduan claimed that she had never seen PIPA before, which was a lie, Gunadesign said the same thing too and really, I believed Gunadesign, because all the messages exchanged were humble and polite, what I can't get over is, the person who'd approved the tutorial - knowing exactly what it was.

Shame on you, site admin. And you, you artists should just stop selling there and go to Craftsy, and sell them fast before anyone write their own version of your design to sell, since no one cares. And in Craftsy you sell for free, they do marketing for you also, yo!

- Comments being removed by site founder as expected. Account being deleted from the site, as expected too.
Now here's something you can see, how one can have double standard. What? -A person may not attack another person in public on the internet, it's usually called defamation or at the very least, is considered pretty unethical. So what are you doing for Gunadesign calling my name? You agree to it. :)

And as for Gunadesign, you have thanked me for making you visible in Malaysia, you are welcome, though I would wish one day i could make you famous, not infamous. :)

Corra @ de Cor's Handmades

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