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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Collection: Twirl Earrings

Twirl Studs a Earrings have been really popular since it was launched, initially, our in-house designer only made them with clear color and Multi-colors clear stones:

Soon we realized our customers actually welcome stones in various colors for this simply elegant design.

Twirl Studs Earrings in sky-blue color ice aragonite stones:

Twirl Studs Earrings in pink color ice aragonite stones:

Twirl Studs Earrings in emerald-green color ice aragonite stones:

Collect all five colors of Twirl studs earrings while they are still on promotion price (under USD$40, free shipping worldwide).

Additional features:
- Allergy and Nickel free 
- Passed Europe RoHs 

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Corra @ de Cor's

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