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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Growing Pain and War Wounds

“This is the secret,” says photographer Henry Leutwyler. “To completely blend in, to become invisible.”

Photo courtesy: Portfolio: Behind the Curtain at the New York City Ballet

I mourned a lot when I first started out my jewelry making journey, for the hours and effort I have put in and for the things I've sacrificed (pretty nails, fingers, and quality time with my loved ones), but I grew out of it, I can't even remember when was the last time I've complaint about what's not fun being in jewelry making art.

I guess everyone learns, and grow, and because we have dreams, we must know the reality - there is no need for any artist to keep reminding people (especially those who are there to watch and appreciate your contribution) about how and what you have sacrificed, because you won't be able to describe what were the joys you have had, they might just stop watching you so you could stop doing and then eventually no longer need to be in pain.

Nothing good comes easy, it's a known fact, you don't have to complain, because that's not what your audience are there for.

You can't blame others for your incompetence.

Corra @ de Cor's

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