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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Cartier Ruby and Diamond Tiara

Cartier Ruby and Diamond Tiara
I am sure you have noticed the extremely eye catching Ruby and Diamond Tiara Nicole Kidman was wearing in the film named Grace of Monaco. It is a reproductions of five of Grace Kelly, later Princess Grace of Monaco’s Cartier Jewels.

Nicole Kidman, wearing Cartier Ruby and Diamond Tiara
Kelly, who married Rainier III the Prince of Monaco in 1956, was a long-time lover of the Parisian jewellers. It was a love affair that was cemented when Rainier proposed to her with a Cartier's 10.47 carat emerald-cut diamond ring just 3 days after they met.

The making and final touch of Cartier Ruby and Diamond Tiara
Kelly gave up her Oscar-winning career as an actress when she married, was gifted many more Cartier jewels as wedding presents, and she continued to wear specially-commissioned pieces until she died aged 52 in 1982.
Cartier Ruby and Diamond Tiara Collage
With greenlights from the Sovereign House of Monaco, Cartier reproduced Kelly's pieces including huge engagement ring, diamond-encrusted poodle brooch, a chicken brooch a three-strand diamond necklace, and a ruby and diamond tiara for Nicole Kidman to wear throughout filming.

Moment like this, I am glad that all these piece can be reproduced, only then we all get to witness these timeless pieces that shall be remembered.

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