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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

KAZNESQ, Artist handmade jewelry from Japan

Thistle motif Silver Pendant
Featured artist: Kazuhiko Ichikawa a.k.a. KAZNESQ
Item name: Thistle Motif Silver Pendant

"The methods I use are not special. They are very standard and traditional. I think there are so many artists and artisans who are much better than me as skill is concerned. But I always try to make pieces in my own style that I hope is unique." - by Kazuhiko Ichikawa
Thistle motif Silver Pendant
This handmade item is made of sterling silver and metal coated string. It is carefully handmade with wax curving, casting, soldering, engraving, and etc.

Made in and ships worldwide from Funabashi, Japan.

Thistle motif Silver Pendant

Kazuhiko graduated Kyoto Institute of Technology in 1979. He majored industrial design. After the graduation, he was working for a stationery company as a product designer and a planner for more than 20 years. Around in 1999, he was fascinated with antique jewelry. In 2002 he quit the company and entered to Tokyo Jewelry Craft School in 2003. In 2004 he graduated there and started his career as a jewelry artist.

Kazuhiko had won several prizes of jewelry in Japan, it is only matter of time he make it to be famous in the world!
Thistle motif Silver Pendant

Kazuhiko shared a process of making Thistle motif Silver Pendant in his Facebook, of which I have gathered and documenting it here.

The making of Thistle motif Silver Pendant

First of all, Kazuhiko drafted out the initial design of Thistle motif Silver Pendant. The sketches is just for himself for reference, not for customers nor artisans.

Below is the image of the wax form of a calyx.

and a wax form of leaves.

The foundation frame is made of sterling silver and polished before assembling. All components needs to be polished beforehand, too.

Below picture shows the cast calyxes and leaves.

A comparison of the sketches and the actual piece:

Always refer back to the sketches to ensure they are aligned:

 Putting the jagged pattern on the round frame.

Done with the patterns:

Next, Kozuhiko started with the assembling process:

And then he polish the pendant with 3M microfine.

More polishing with his special compound and baking powder.

The calyxes are textured beforehand but here he'd enhance it with a glass brush.

Overview of the piece.

Adding some shining on the frame with a vanisher.

This is the material used for petals. The original idea was to make them of silver with patina but it could turned out to be a little too ordinary and Kozuhiko wanted some colors, so he selected the second item from left. He doesn't know what it is, it was sold as a material for embroidery. It's shiny and soft.

Tying them around and fix the edges, then cut.

Fold half and wrap it around with copper wires:

Finished pieces, gorgeous!

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Hope you enjoyed viewing!

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