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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Etsy Find of the Week: Precious Metal Clay Jewelry

Swarovski Crystal Pendant - Fine Silver Necklace- Florence by Sarahndippity

EtsyFind's installment! :)
Item #1: Swarovski Crystal Pendant - Fine Silver Necklace- Florence by Sarahndippity

A sweet and simple design made from fine silver wire that has been woven together and hand shaped into lovely flourishes. A juice pink Swarovski Crystal hangs from the bottom and additional pink crystals were added to compliment the drop. The pendant is 1-1/4 inches long and 1-1/8 inches wide with a chain length of 17-1/2 inches. The necklace was antiqued and polish to enhance the details and depth of the design work. 

Item #2: Peridot Lilac Tree by HomeBabyCrafts
Peridot Lilac Tree by HomeBabyCrafts
The story of lilac, according to Greek mythology, begins with a beautiful nymph named Syringa (the lilac’s botanical name). Captivated by her beauty, Pan, the god of the forests and fields, chased Syringa through the forest. Frightened by Pan’s affections, Syringa escaped him by turning herself into an aromatic tree – the tree we now refer to as lilac.

A solid steel, silver hoop holds this beautiful, intricately wire-wrapped tree. Roughly 4 hours are invested into weaving the aged brass wire to create the tree and wrapping the beautiful, natural, peridot and amethyst gemstones to create the foliage and flora. The Hanging measures 6 inches in height and width and includes suction cup hook. (Click on photos to enlarge details)
Made to order piece - for indoor use only; outdoor use is not advisable.

Please take note that 25% of all sales are to be donated to help support informed childbirth options, midwifery, doulas, and safe births for momma's and babies.

Item #3: Dragonfly Silver and Copper Pendant by AngelaWrightDesigns
Dragonfly Silver and Copper Pendant by AngelaWrightDesigns
Sterling silver and copper spring jewellery, celebrating a fiery sunset in copper as the spring buds appear. The dragonfly in sterling silver, heralds new life. Handmade to order for you, your pendant will have slight variations. This is the charm of handmade jewellery. The shifting colours in the copper are achieved by heat and flame. Hand forged in Angela's workshop to her own design. The design in the silver is hand 'pierced' using a jewellers hand held saw.

Measures 3cm in width. Solid sterling silver snake chains come in 16" or 18".

Armor Ring- A Sterling Silver Filigree Saddle Ring by RosyRevolver
This is a first for Jessica. A saddle ring- building up that skill-set one technique at a time.

This ring was a challenge. Saddles are everywhere now and oh, so beautiful. Jessica has been hesitant to bring hers into the world - concerned about being different enough while still measuring up. But she's here now, fingers adorned with the sterling equivalent of an emotional brass knuckle. Holding it up for the masses to see. See? Do you like it, she asked silently and her heart and brain respond in quick-fire succession . . . you cannot care if they do.

Jessica met this amazing artist once - Jen Burline, who spoke to a class she was in, about the importance of creating from the soul; that in order to completely give yourself to the work and create from the heart, you must relinquish the desire- even the awareness- to please others. Art does not care if it's loved. That is not its purpose.

This ring is Jessica skill set - strapped to her like armor- a reminder to grow and put forth what she can without the concern for accolades, for applause, for the shining beacons that have become sales, stats, likes, hearts, pins and tweets.

The armor of self-security. Personal pride. Jessica is growing. She is putting pieces into the world built by her two hands and that is enough to make her strong.

Solid Sterling Construction.
100% Built by Hand.
Measures a US ring size 7.

Silver Opal Ring by Artulia
This argentium sterling silver ring is a simple round band that has two curving lines which accentuate a 6mm lab opal gemstone. This ring was designed to curve naturally around the finger for a comfortable fit. This ring is also slightly adjustable for the perfect fit.

This ring is made to order in sizes 5-10 (ships in 4-5 days)

In order to determine your correct ring size Artulia strongly recommend having your finger measured at a jewelry store. Most local jewelry stores are happy to do this.

Available gemstones: black onyx, opal, turquoise, amethyst, citrine, pearl, garnet, amber, rose quartz, moonstone.

Line Square Brass adjustable Open Thin cuff bracelet by VirginiaWynne
This delicate little beauty is a perfect addition to anyone's bracelet collection. Handmade and smooth through sanding, it will bring a shine to your hand and a smile to your face. Thin square brass wire. Adjust it with some light and careful bending to make it fit almost any finger. Bracelet delicate; treat with care! Wrap a piece of non-stretchy string - dental floss works nicely - snugly around your wrist just like the measuring tape, cut to fit, and then measure the entire length of the string.

Chevron Ring by JenniferWood
Sterling silver chevron ring. Cute wire ring with small pointed detail. Makes great bridesmaids gifts.
Ring is 1.6mm thick, much thicker then most chevron rings you see on Etsy!

Item #8: Ruby ring in sterling silver, flower ring by BELLES BIJOUX
Ruby ring in sterling silver, flower ring by BELLES BIJOUX
This ring has been handmade by myself from sterling silver and features a 6mm round lab created ruby gemstone. Lab created gemstones have the same physical and chemical properties as the earth mined version but are free of inclusions and have a much more affordable price tag! This ruby cabochon is a gorgeous pinkish red color. The flower has been hand sawn with Gillian's jewelers saw from sterling silver sheet, and then filed and sanded for smoothness. It was then buffed to a high shine on her  polishing machine. This ring is a USA size 7.5 and the ring shank is 2.6mm wide.

Item #9: Spring is Innevitable Part Deux Bracelet Sterling Peridot Apatite Citrine by WestByron
Spring is Innevitable Part Deux Bracelet Sterling Peridot Apatite Citrine by WestByron
Sterling bracelet focal is about 3.5" x .5", features a luminous, sunshiny 6mm citrine cabochon (November birthstone), a happy celery-green 6mm peridot cabochon (August birthstone), and a spectacularly uber-blue 6mm apatite, all glowing at the centers of effusive star daisies on a heavily oxidized background, whipped up from scratch by yours truly. Finished with very cool large-link sterling chain and a hook-and-eye clasp. Total length is about seven inches, but Jessie can alter the length a bit for you.

This piece is an expression of irrepressible joy at the whole new universe of possibilities opened up by the invention of sterling metal clay. There aren't words for how stoked she is. There simply aren't words.

Item #10:  The Original Bud Studs for Rosy Lobes by RosyRevolver
The Original Bud Studs for Rosy Lobes by RosyRevolver
Bud Studs! And these are the real Rosy.

Little roses for lovely lobes.
Small and simple, with an elegant twist.
The perfect pair for everyday sweetness.

Solid Silver Construction.
100% Handmade
Measure 1/4" in diameter.

That's all for now, see you around next week!
Corra  @ de Cor's

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