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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Off Topic - ROCKitude and Gimme-Brow from Benefit Cosmetics

Shopping @ Benefit Cosmetics
I haven't been able to sleep through the night since the birth of my daughter almost 3 years ago, though the different between her and I is that I don't make noise when I can't fall back to sleep... and being a pregger that has got two more weeks to complete the full term pregnancy, it is only normal I would wake up like once every hour for toilet visit.

Benefit Cosmetics Instagram

So I work - from my phone, of course. And one of my daily task is to retrieve various information from various social media platforms, and then today at 4am I saw this from Instagram. Yes you are right, it's GimmeBrow from Benefit Cosmetics.

The video is awesome: 

I have rather short eyebrows and I have been using Bobbi Brown's deep-brown eyeshadow powder to draw my eyebrows for more than 10 years, and have always wondering if there's any alternative solution (no i don't want to get eyebrow embroidery thank you, I actually enjoy drawing my brows!), so when I see this...

You know... insomnia can change a person, I wasn't an impulsive purchaser to begin with but...
I checked in Benefit Cosmetics today at One Utama after breakfast to buy it. The damage was RM85, and their tester unit in their boutique had ran out - which I can't really try anyway, and I am not sure if it's because the tester unit is too old (it's already dried out), it stinks. I only hope my new unit won't smells so much. *fingers crossing*, so since I can't really try it out at the counter, I might as well buy it online? In short, if i were to replenish this in the future I would buy from their website and buy enough to get them ship for free to Malaysia, Gimme Brow is only USD$22 on their website!
Benefit Cosmetics - Gimme-Brow
Benefit Cosmetics - Gimme-Brow
I didn't stop there.

Just a recap of the history between Benefit Cosmetics and I - before I gave birth to my daughter I was actually eye-ing Benefit Cosmetics' very famous Posietint Cheek Stain (USD$30), I've even arranged a group-buy so we all can get it at lower price with free shipping directly from the States, the group buy went on without me (I think Lillian took over to organizing) because I was already very close to my EDD of my first child, hmmm come and think of it, why am I always looking at Benefit Cosmetics when I am about to give birth? Wonder, wonder.

This one I get to test it on my cheeks. And I then found that Posietint was too light for my skins tone, so I changed my mind to get Benetint, RM125 (it's only USD$30 on their website). The sales representative did not mentioned anything about complimentary product samples (which you will see during check out from their website irregardless of how many item(s) you are checking-out, I went on and asked if I could have their High Beam sample, the sales representative was kind enough to give, which I am pleased!

Just right before I make payment, then ROCKitude! caught my eyes, the set includes:
benetint 4ml
highbeam 4ml
rockateur 3g
ultra plush lip gloss in rockateur 6.5ml

It is selling at RM110 in Malaysia, and I can't find it in their United States' website, only United Kingdom's website, which is priced at £25.50, so for this particular set, I'd suggest Malaysian to buy it off Malaysia's counter.

Benefit Cosmetics - ROCKitude!
Benefit Cosmetics - ROCKitude!
Look at the packaging! Let me walk you through the entire unboxing process lol!
Benefit Cosmetics - unboxing ROCKitude!

Benefit Cosmetics - unboxing ROCKitude!

Benefit Cosmetics - unboxing ROCKitude!

And because I've asked...
Here's some freebies from Benefit Cosmetics. Since ROCKitude consist of high-beam, I've asked for POREfessional (USD$31 or RM115) and They're Real! Push-Up Liner (USD$24 or RM100) instead. I am not quite sure about High-beam cause I never was a foundation user, but I can tell that I am loving the push-up liner already, it work just as well as Shu-Uemura's Ink Liquid Eyeliner.

The awesome bit is - The POREfessional sample kit actually comes with a mini brush! :D
Benefit Cosmetics - POREfessional Sample
Benefit Cosmetics - POREfessional Sample
Benefit Cosmetics - POREfessional Sample and Push-Up Liner Sample

She put everything into this tiny little paper bag, my 2 years old was happily carrying it for me. :)  Overall, I am a happy shopper today! So thank you, Benefit Cosmetics!

Hope you enjoyed the post!
Corra @ de Cor's

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