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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Storage for beads - MUJI Acrylic Stacking Case

This video is to show you how do I store my beads and stone-settings.

I purchased all my stones in bulk, so it is critical to get them very organized to save me time from searching them from their original packaging.

I use Muji Acrylic Stacking Cases to store them, it comes in 3 different configuration: Large, small, and stacking case, I am using the large and the stacking case version. The beauty of it is that I could unscrew them from a group and group one container with another, cause I don't usually need all of the beads, just one or two may be.

In this video I am grouping Navette Settings container with Navette stones, to see how I set stones for Navette beads, here's the video link:

What I've used in this video:
Foldio Portable Light box:
Muji Acrylic Stacking Case (5 stacking units):
Muji Acrylic Stacking Case (Large):

Ready made Swarovski Navette 6x3mm beads:

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