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Monday, May 11, 2015

Handmade Ear Jacket, Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Handmade Ear Jacket
I first saw a ear jacket design last year while i was pregnant with my second child and then it's been on my to-try list since, today I finally get to play around with it. It is not perfect, there are rooms for making it sturdier and steadier, I will give it a few more try when I am able to. :)

Handmade Ear Jacket

Again, it's a variation from my Bridesmaid Earrings Tutorial, using White Opal Swarovski Chaton Montee and Aquamarine Swarovski Chaton Montees. The array of Chaton Montees need to be sturdier and I will fix that in my next attempt.

Handmade Ear Jacket

The distance between the earrings post with the jacket is about 0.5", I understand that I should be making a few more length options but I have no idea what measurements should I be looking at right now - do share if you know!

Handmade Ear Jacket - Side View

As for the steps to transform that White Opal Swarovski Chaton Montee into stud earrings, be sure to subscribe to de Cor's Handmades Youtube Channel for free jewelry making video tutorials.

And... in case you don't know, I actually post more stuff on my instagram -, pop over if you are #instausers too, @decorshandmades or #decorshandmades.

Handmade Ear Jacket

That's all for now, I shall be busy for the next few days on refining my minimalist series before I post again, til then, see you around.


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